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Zula Mobile is a free-to-play 3D Multiplayer Online First Person shooter game. Zula Mobile is developed by Zula Inc. and is available
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October 1, 2022
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Zula Mobile is a free-to-play 3D Multiplayer Online First Person shooter game. Zula Mobile is developed by Zula Inc. and is available from Google Play Store. This free mobile game has been ranked 4th in the category of paid apps for iPhone and iPad and received more than 6 million downloads within the first two weeks it was released.

Zula Mobile offers a number of interesting features along with an easy-to-use and exciting interface that can be used from any platform.

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Zula Mobile

The story of Zula Mobile is set in Africa, in the year 2021. Zula and her partner Nodame are in search of a new city to begin their life together. On the way, they run into some locals who want to trade something they have for some gold. You can purchase this quality graphics apk for your android phone from Zula Mobile’s official site, and it will work on all of the latest Android phones including the HTC Evo and Motorola RAZR.

Highest Rated

This is one of the most downloaded and highest-rated paid apps for iPhones and iPad. It comes with both the original story and an alternative story where you can save Nodame as well as Zula after the ordeal. In the original story, Zula is your usual fare-along-with-the-usual-questions-and-goes kind of girl, but in the alternative version, she gets herself kidnapped by a tribe of cannibals.

Save Zula

To save Zula, you have to complete several mini-games, including the well-known Kung Fu, which is available as a free download for those who like fighting games, and the simple, yet addicting and addictive “kill everything that moves” style of game called Kung Fu on the Android Market.

Different Levels

You can also get to know Zula as well as Nodame through the in-game message boards. This makes it a fun experience as you learn more about the main character. In addition to that, as you play the different levels and try to beat all the enemies, you can collect power-ups along the way, and these are used as weapons in the game.


The main storyline takes place in a jungle, which also features many other characters you meet along the way like the cannibals, Chinese soldiers, and even a few Chinese locals. For the Zula mobile version, you can enjoy the adventurous freestyle of playing, as well as the more challenging objectives and challenges when you play with the android app.

Excellent Controls

This is one of the first 3Droid games to be released for iOS. You can easily find this in the popular play store, as well as those available in other, paid third-party sources. The excellent physics engine ensures that all players will enjoy the physics-based gaming,

and the bright colors of the game make it more attractive to look at than similar games available in the pay app store. The excellent controls ensure that no matter what type of player you are, you will have a great time with Zula Mobile.

Multiplayer FPS

This is the multiplayer FPS mod apk for Zula Mobile that was recently introduced to the public, and it has received mixed reviews. Some people are pleased with its appearance, though others are not. Zula has included lots of new content, such as the “power-up” menu, the maps and arenas, as well as new weapons and features. You can purchase the content over in the play store or through Amazon.

Amazing Game Play

The amazing gameplay of Zula Mobile is provided by an impressive collection of high-quality graphics, and the gameplay is supported by an exciting soundtrack. This version of Zula is not supported on the iPhone, iPod Touch, or any other touch screen devices, and is not considered a “proper” mobile phone game.

However, it does have its good points. It can be played easily from the internet using a high-speed internet connection. The only requirement is that you need to be connected to the internet, and a smartphone browser.


The mod has been released for free and will be available for download once again through Amazon. However, you must have an Amazon account to be able to download the mod. There are two options for getting the mod, either by purchasing through Amazon or getting it through Zula Mobile’s website.

If you choose to purchase Zula Mobile through Amazon, you will receive a code that you can enter into your Zula Mobile campaign to activate the mod. Once you have done this, Zula Mobile will start updating, thus making the multiplayer fps mod apk compatible with any device that has an internet connection.

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