Zoo 2 Animal Park MOD Apk (Mod Features Unlimited Games/Money)

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Zoo 2: Animal Park, the follow-up to Zoo Tycoon – The sequel that really took everyone by surprise, is now available for you to download. Zoo 2: Animal Park has been developed by Zynga Inc., a major social networking company based in California.

In this exciting mobile game, you have to care for animals by maintaining the Zoo, making sure it stays clean and well-maintained as well as making some serious cash by selling different animals to the marketplace. This Zoo 2: Animal Park apk is a new addition that lets you enjoy the benefits of Zoo Tycoon all over again!

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Zoo 2: Animal Park Features

Zoo 2: Animal Park features all the amazing elements of the original version but now includes all the amazing features of the touch-screen mobile platform! Enjoy the addictive and exciting gameplay while taking care of all the animals right at your home using Zoo 2: Animal Park’s many convenient features.

Take care of neglected wolves and wild tigers, play together with your friends and enjoy the serene environment. It also supports Google play services, so that you can access the application right from your desktop.

Colorful Interface

Zoo 2: Animal Park features a beautiful, detailed, and very colorful interface that will make you fall in love with it even before you start playing. The in-game menu has a number of options that can be changed at any time. You can change the time of day and even select your favorite animals to care for them.

Moreover, you have a number of facilities available including a breeding facility, a vet, and a water tank. The in-game menu also allows you to buy or unlock special animals like the Teddy Raccoon and the Bobcat.

Daily Maintenance

You can also use the Zoo 2 Animal Park’s unique feature called Daily Maintenance. This allows you to reset the difficulty level, the graphics, the animal’s health, the level of difficulty, and a lot more. The Daily Maintenance also resets your achievement meter and allows you to purchase upgrades for your zoo animals.

The in-game menu will also allow you to download and install additional content for your zoo like decorations, sounds, layouts, and pets. The in-game menu also allows you to switch between portrait mode and landscape mode.

Gaming Experience

Zoo 2: Animal Park has several interesting features that make the gaming experience more exciting. You can find two difficulty levels within the game, which range from “Green” which is the easiest, to ” Violet” which is the most challenging.

There are a total of four species to care for in this game, including the usual suspects like the Wolf, the Panda and the Lion. You can even adopt your very own animals such as a frog or a fish. In addition, you can also take care of the shy Mouse Deer or the aggressive Bear!

Species of Animals

Zoo 2: Animal Park features a number of other exciting features apart from the four species of animals. You can adopt the Gorillas in Zoo 2: Animal Park. However, you have to purchase the Gorilla pet before you can adopt one.

If you do not have enough money, you can always go for the “Buy a Zoo Pet” option available in the “abilities” menu. Apart from the Gorillas in Zoo 2 Animal Park, you can also find a number of exotic birds and fish to take care of.

Captivating Animal

Zoo 2: Animal Park features the most exciting and captivating animal game that I had ever played. I really enjoyed taking part in the various activities found in the game, and the way everything was interwoven together.

The task of caring for the various species of animals really kept me on the edge of my seat, and Zoo 2: Animal Park certainly made it a fun and exciting game for me. I highly recommend it to people who haven’t yet played it!


Zoo 2: Animal Park has received numerous positive reviews thus far, and the game is extremely entertaining and appealing. If you are planning to buy Zoo 2: Animal Park, then you would do well to consider buying Zoo 2: Animal Park instead! This non-stop action-packed zoo game provides an exciting experience and an excellent chance to care for some of the Earth’s amazing creatures in the wildlife park.

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