Zombie War Z Mod Apk (MOD Features Unlimited Coins)

Zombie War Z: The Wrath of the First Infection is now available for download from the Google Play Store. Zombie War Z: The Wrath of the First Infection is one of the very first zombie games to come out on Google Play. It’s great! I’ve been playing it since it came out, and I just have to say that I love it. Zombie War Z is a first person, ‘choose your own adventure’ Zombie shooting game where you basically have to survive as you fight off waves of the undead. You have a couple of options when starting the game:

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Zombie War Z

There are many options in the hero survival rules. I really liked this, because it makes Zombie War Z more fun because there is something different every time: different waves of the undead, different terrain, etc. Also, if you don’t like the hero survival rules, you can just jump straight into the shooting and adventure part of Zombie War Z. There’s also an “adventure” mode, but I found it to be a bit underwhelming (especially for a ” Zombie” game).

Zombie War Z Mod

Zombie War Z mod apk contains all the content from the original version, except for some extra weapons. I like that the mod apk is unlimited in content, because I love being able to explore as much as possible in Zombie War Z. There are also many maps in Zombie War Z: The Wrath of the First Infection, so you can fight or flee to different places in each map.


I especially love the maps ” Brushland”, “Toxicity” and “Commerce”. All these maps give you lots of options when it comes to strategies and survival. Also, Zombie War Z: The Wrath of the First Infection gives you a lot of secrets and tips to help you survive, and it’s free!


Zombie War Z also has many tools and resources. For example, in the “ause” menu, you can see your score, health and energy bars. They also have a ” scoreboard” which lists all collected items and achievements. Finally, you can purchase weapons from the market. The resources are not limited, and you can collect many in just one mission.


Zombie War Z: The Wrath of the First Infection gives you many chances to get back into action. The single-player campaign has several levels, and you can always go after the bosses to continue the action. The co-op campaign has several levels, and if you can beat the high score you will unlock the other two difficult ones.

First Infection

Zombie War Z: The Wrath of the First Infection mod has received numerous reviews, and the majority of them are very positive. The fact that you can choose between ten different survivors gave each one a different personality, and it was interesting playing as each of them.

Unique Weapons,

Some of them had unique weapons, and it was even more exciting when you played as the boss. Playing as the bosses allowed you to fight waves of zombies until you ran out of energy, at which point you would need to power up using the energy weapons or use your wings to fly up and recharge.

Challenging Zombie

Zombie War Z: The Wrath of the First Infection provides a challenging Zombie shooting experience where you are required to make critical decisions about your actions. There is no such thing as a simple zombie, and the undead are far more advanced than you would expect them to be.


Each stage of the game is full of mystery, and if you are a real horror buff, Zombie War Z: The Wrath of the First Infection will make a perfect Halloween game for you and your friends. It can be very frightening when dealing with the walking dead. If you enjoy intense Zombie games, then Zombie War Z: The Wrath of the First Infection might be a perfect game for you to play this Halloween.


Zombie War Z: The Wrath of the First Infection can be purchased through iTunes or from its official website. If you like Zombie Games, check out Zombie War Z: The Wrath of the First Infection. It has received rave reviews from many review sites, including Google. I am sure that you will love this mod, especially after you download it and install it on your iPhone. Zombie War Z: The Wrath of the First Infection is extremely entertaining and addicting. Play the free mod today, and be prepared for the Zombie horde to find a way to break into your iPhone.


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