Zombie Smasher Apk (Mod Features Unlimited Money)

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Zombie Smasher is without a doubt one of the most popular and highly downloaded games available on Google Play. This cool game allows you to be part of the action as well as the entertainment as they stalk you day and night! Zombie Smasher Mod Apk is simply the #1 entertaining and addicting recreation available on Google Play. Get ready to protect your house from an impending mob of Zombies as they are about to enter your town!

Zombie Smasher Apk

Zombie Smasher has been the number one download in its category for over a month now. The game itself was inspired by the popular Zombie Survival simulator game. Zombie Smasher is all about living life normally but slowly becoming Zombie! These Zombie Smasher skins add a lot of life and fun to your android device.

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Zombie Smasher Mod Apk is, without doubt, one of the most popular and widely downloaded apps on Google Play with over 16 million downloads to date. If you have been looking for a really cool application that you can use for free on your android phone or tablet, then Zombie Smasher may be perfect for you! It’s an application that will literally become Zombie Smasher for you in a matter of minutes!

Zombie Smasher Apk

Zombie Smasher is based on the popular cr game and was developed by Google. Zombie Smasher provides you with an infinite supply of dead bodies that are all over the place. When you are playing Zombie Smasher Mod Apk on your android phone or tablet, you will find yourself surrounded by a pack of Zombies. When you see a sign of a human, just cross towards it and kill it!

There are many different levels that can be played in this free Zombie Smasher mod for android phones. The top-level has 12 zombies, the middle level has seven, the bottom level has three, and the last level only has two! That’s right, the Zombie Smasher mod enables you to kill as many humans as you want and even have them stay alive! This is great news for any real zombie fanatic that wants to have as many human enemies as possible.

Full Version

You can get Zombie Smasher Mod Apk for free from Google’s Android Market if you don’t want to buy the full version. Zombie Smasher can be found in the Market for free and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t download and enjoy the mod as much as I do. After all, it’s free.

You can also join some of the forums where other zombie smasher fans chat away about their thoughts and feelings on this awesome game.

Zombie Smasher has a very unique and interesting control scheme. For example, when you are playing as the undead, you don’t shoot anything at your opponents. They are the target instead. However, they can still attack you can still shoot them.

Unlimited Coins

What makes Zombie Smasher so cool is the fact that you can earn up to Unlimited Coins every hour. If you want to play the full version you will have to pay for it but you can always download the mobile version first to see if it interests you before buying.


Zombie Smasher Mod Apk has a unique storyline and is very fun to play. Plus, you can kill off all the zombies and the evil undead creatures with one tap. In addition, you can earn money throughout the game as well as get access to advanced levels, high scores, and achievements. The in-game marketplace is full of items, which you can purchase, and you can also buy special in-game gifts for all your friends!

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