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Zombie Night Terror Apk is an amazing and addictive game. Zombie Night Terror Apk includes lots of zombies and weapons, such as guns, pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, grenades
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What Is Zombie Night Terror

Zombie Night Terror Apk is an amazing and addictive game. Zombie Night Terror Apk includes lots of zombies and weapons, such as guns, pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, grenades, and many more. Zombies will come out from everywhere in this game. You need to shoot them in order to survive. This game has different modes for you to choose from Campaign mode, Survival mode, and Training mode.

Zombie Night Terror Apk supports multi-player with up to 4 players on one screen in local play. You can show off your shooting skills against other players or try to survive together by teaming up with other players!

In Zombie Night Terror Apk you will be able to find a wide variety of weapons for you to use against the zombies including pistols, shotguns, machine guns, sniper rifles, and grenades. Each weapon has its own unique characteristics that make it suitable for different situations so make sure you pick the right one when facing a horde of undead monsters!

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In Zombie Night Terror Apk there are 4 different levels which are easy, medium, and hard levels where each level comes with its own challenge that players need to overcome before moving onto the next stage! In addition, there will be boss fights which present even more challenges for players!

Zombie Night Terror Apk Gameplay

The game has some unique gameplay elements that make it fun to play, such as being able to craft items such as weapons and tools using items found around the world. You can also customize your character by changing their clothes and accessories, and even build up their stats by gaining experience points from killing zombies and completing quests!

Zombie Night Terror Apk is a horror game where you have to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. Zombies are everywhere and you need to find food and weapons to fight them.

The game has a good story, with some interesting characters and a lot of dialogues that make it feel more alive than most other games. The graphics are great and the controls are easy to use. If you like zombie games, this is one of the best ones available on Android right now.

You need to shoot zombies using your weapons and kill them all before dawn comes up. While you are doing this, try not to get hit by any of these zombies because if that happens, then you will fail in saving the world from them. There are different types of weapons available in this game like sniper rifles, machine guns, pistols, and many others so use them wisely while playing Zombie Night Terror Apk on your device.

Zombie Night Terror Apk Features

  • – Realistic 3D graphics with great animation effects
  • – Easy control – tap on the screen to jump or attack, swipe to dodge or pick up items
  • – More than 50 different achievements to unlock
  • – Different skills for each character (speed, strength, etc)
  • – Great music and sound effects

There are two different modes available in Zombie Night Terror: campaign and survival mode. Both modes are similar except that survival mode lets you battle against more zombies at once than campaign mode does.

The story starts when there was an outbreak of a virus in the city where you live. At first, people thought that it is just another flu infection that appears every year but then something happened that no one expected: people started turning into zombies! Now you have to survive in this new world full of zombies and other creatures!

Zombie Night Terror Mod Apk Features

Survive a zombie apocalypse in this retro-style arcade shooter. Play as a survivor, trapped in a city overrun by zombies. Fight your way through waves of undead enemies using weapons and power-ups. Make it through all 30 levels and defeat the Bosses!

  1. • Classic arcade shoot ’em up gameplay
  2. • 30 levels of zombie-blasting madness
  3. • 4 unique bosses to defeat
  4. • 4 powerful weapons to upgrade
  5. • 7 awesome upgradable power-ups


Zombie Night Terror Apk is a survival game that’s set in a post-apocalyptic world. You have to fight against the zombies and other monsters of the night. The goal is to survive as long as possible, but it won’t be easy.

In this game, there are many different weapons that you can use against your enemies. There are also various types of enemies, so you’ll have to choose the right weapon for each one of them. There are also several levels with different difficulties, so it will be difficult for you to complete all of them with only one character.


Is Zombie Night Terror free?

Yes, the game is free-to-play and does not require any in-app purchases to continue playing.

Is it safe to download Zombie Night Terror from Google Play Store?

Yes, all our games are safe to download from Google Play Store. We don’t use any harmful ads or malware in our games. To keep yourself safe from such threats, always keep an antivirus installed on your device and update it regularly.

Is there any Free version of this game?

Yes, you can download the free version of this game from our site. It is a demo version with only one mission unlocked. If you want to unlock more missions and buy all upgrades, you need to purchase the premium version from Google play store. You can also use an APK file to download the full version of this game.

How do I install Zombie Night Terror?

Follow the below steps for installing this game:

1) Download the Zombie Night Terror apk file from our website or from Google play store.2) Install the downloaded file on your device.3) Open the installed app and follow on-screen instructions to play it4) That’s all!

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