Zombie Hunter King Apk (MOD Features Free Shopping)

The Zombie Hunter King mod (ZH99)is a premium mod for android which adds many wonderful features to the great game called Zombie Hunter on Facebook. If you are a Facebook fan, this is the perfect mod for you. It adds an entirely new area on your game where you earn lots of money, which you then use to purchase powerful weapons and armors. You also get an income that replenishes whenever you level up or get killed. Here’s a quick rundown of Zombie Hunter King apk.

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Zombie Hunter King

Zombie Hunter King is an exciting first-person shooter game on Facebook. This is a first person view with added emphasis on the zombie element. You have to kill all the zombies to progress the game and complete your mission. If you die, you lose your money, health, and energy. Plus, you have to reschedule your mission and wait for next wave of zombies to appear.

Zombie Hunter King mod apk

Zombie Hunter King mod apk contains the same elements as the original game including the annoying enemies that keep on coming back to life. There are many levels in this flash game. The challenge is to continue killing all the zombies even when they get to close to you. The graphics are crisp and detailed and look great on high definition. Although it is not a true first person shooter, Zombie Hunter is still a highly entertaining game for anyone who enjoys playing online.

Amazing Features

Zombie Hunter King is one of the most amazing features of Zombie Hunter for Facebook. For global users, this mod was released in January 2010. It is supported by almost all major operating systems such as Windows Vista, XP, and Mac OS X. Aside from the amazing features included in this mod, this version also has some other features as well.

Multiplayer Shooting

You can choose to play this mod as a multiplayer shooting or as a survival type game. This mod is compatible with the Zombie Shooter Facebook Game. You can also play as an undead killing, blood thirsty hunter as well as one of the four known survivors who survived the outbreak. You can either shoot, hack, or eat the zombies. This exciting mod apk can be downloaded for free.

Zombie Hunter

To get access to Zombie Hunter King, all you need to do is to pay a small fee to its publishers. After paying the fee, you will then be able to download the mod immediately. However, before you download Zombie Hunter King mod, make sure you read its instructions carefully. This mod requires some knowledge about using Facebook applications and internet networking in order to successfully play the game. Once you know how to use these tools, you will be able to play this amazing features of Zombie Hunter King.


However, if you are planning on downloading Zombie Hunter King, it would be better if you do not install the Zombie Hunter King apk onto your infected android device. Although the mod is already installed, your infected phone will still have to be disinfected. You can do this by downloading any anti-malware program and installing it to your infected android device.

After installation, allow your computer or your device to update. It is highly recommended that you also turn off or remove any other applications that may be connected to your wireless network while you are trying to install Zombie Hunter King on your android device.


Zombie Hunter King is just another exciting mod for all the zombie hunter fans around the world. Its unique storyline and exciting mod mechanics attract mass culture audiences around the world. Although Zombie Hunter King may not be able to solve the problem of managing the zombies on its own, but it is undeniable that this mod is still a high improvement from the current mass production style of games that are available in the market today. Plus, you can now enjoy Zombie Hunter King without worrying about being infected by the zombie virus!


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