Zombie Diary 2: Evolution Mod Apk (MOD Features unlimited money)

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Zombie Diary 2: Evolution is the follow up to Zombie Diary which was released in 2021. The game revolves around the struggle to survive against a growing army of the dead. It also kills many players just to save the lives of those around you. Let us explore this exciting and thrilling zombie game!

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Evolution features

Zombie Diary 2: Evolution features all the fun that the original game had, plus more! The zombies in this game have been heavily modified. They now look very real, and run around as though they are really able to walk.

However, since they don’t have limbs, they get “ripped to bare bones” easily, making it easy for you to shoot at them with the various weapons in Zombie Diary 2: Evolution, and even throw them at other zombies if you are being well-prepared for when they arrive.

Loot in Zombie Diary 2

You can also find loot in Zombie Diary 2: Evolution, such as weapons, medical supplies and even money! The money can buy items to help you on your journey, such as flares and traps, so prepare for the zombies by stocking up on supplies.

Hidden areas

Each level has a couple of hidden areas that are not shown to you, but are definitely worth taking. There are also 11 mysterious maps hidden throughout the game that are full of zombies, and each one offers a new challenge when you fight it out with the infected. These maps are also filled with a variety of different weapons and traps to use against your impending enemy.

Exciting twists

Zombie Diary 2: Evolution takes many different mechanics from the first game. Although it has the first game’s storyline, it adds a couple of exciting twists that keep players interested. For example, instead of walking slowly through a level looking for supplies, you now sprint through the level trying to find a way to kill the zombies before they attack you.

This adds a whole new element to playing the game. The new weapons are quite varied, and you will have to use every weapon effectively in order to win the battle.

Waves of zombies

Zombie Diary 2: Evolution is another mod that allows you to be able to play the original game again. This time around, you must fight off waves of zombies instead of simply trying to survive. As you learn more about each weapon and how to use them, the waves of the undead become more difficult.

Similar mod

Although there are many similar modders that have created a game that is very similar to Zombie Diary 2: Evolution, it does have some differences. Because of this, many people who would like to play this game have chosen to download Zombie Diary 2: Evolution instead.

Defeat the zombies

One thing that the Zombie Diary 2: Evolution has that the original game did not have was a “Zombie Dictionary” type of online dictionary. You can also learn a lot more about the weaponry, and by reading the dictionary, you will be better prepared to defeat the zombies.

New features

If you were a big fan of the first game, then you may want to check out Zombie Diary 2: Evolution and see just what new features it has over the traditional mod. Although the game is not as exciting as the original, there is still much to learn and enjoy. Zombie Diary fans will enjoy Zombie Diary 2: Evolution because of the many different weapons and items they can collect.

Ultimate Pack

The Zombie Diary 2: Evolution mod also gives you the ability to purchase the Ultimate Pack which contains the weapons, the survivor pack, and the power ups that your character needs to survive the waves of the undead. Zombie Diary 2: Evolution is an excellent choice if you are looking for an upgrade of your Zombie Diary experience. This mod will ensure that you always have something new to do when playing Zombie Diary.

Different weapons

There are many different weapons in Zombie Diary 2: Evolution including the claw hand shotgun, plasma cutter, mini-gun, saws, and the Stompinator. These weapons have different effects and will make the zombies run or die when you are near them.


There are also many different zombies in Zombie Diary 2: Evolution such as the Bat, Reaper, Giant Walking Cows, and many other new characters. These characters have their own unique characteristics that will make them unique in the world of Zombie Diary. If you loved the first game, then you will love Zombie Diary 2: Evolution because it is an upgrade of the undead survival game.

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