Zombie Blast Crew Mod APK (MOD Features Unlimited Money)

Zombie Blast Crew Apk

Zombie Blast Crew is a free zombie game on Google Play. Join the Zombie Blast Crew and destroy your enemies with a fast-paced, action-packed game. Discover more about this exciting new zombie mobile game from Vivid Games. The game presents android users with a fantasy post-apocalyptic world in which a devastating zombie outbreak has killed most of the human population. Zombie Blast Crew is a side-scrolling arcade-styled game that puts you in control of survivors and battling the undead.

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Zombie Blast Crew

Zombie Blast Crew offers two distinct modes of play: Story mode and Endless mode. In story mode, you’ll be using a unique combination of weapons, vehicles and skills to kill zombies and win over the land. In Endless mode, players take on the role of the walking dead in search for food and water sources to build their base. As you go on your journey, you’ll encounter a number of military bases controlled by the evil regime of the undead.

Zombie Blast Crew Features

Zombie Blast Crew features a unique combination of action and adventure. Zombie Blast Crew has an engaging storyline which takes players through wastelands while trying to find weapons and vehicles to help you battle the zombies. This horde-based game requires you to construct bases and defend them from waves of zombies attempting to reach the goal point.

Speed and Power

Likewise, players need to upgrade their vehicles for speed and power which will allow them to kill more zombies quickly. The zombies in the game have weaknesses that can be exploited to your advantage as well as your disadvantage.

Crew’s Weapons

Zombie Blast Crew has a strong following of fans. The action games with zombies make for exciting online play. Some of the zombie blast crew’s weapons include a shotgun, a minifle, a machine gun, a hand gun, a rocket launcher, a miniking, a flamethrower, and a chaise longue.

Exciting Missions

As you fight through the many exciting missions in Zombie Blast Crew, you’ll discover new weapons and tactics that will help you win the battle against the zombies. You’ll earn money as you help players advance through the levels. As you level up, you’ll be given access to different weapons that will help you face stronger zombies. Some of these include a tank, a motorcycle, a minibus, and even a tank pad. You can also buy armor to give you extra protection from zombies.

City Streets

The majority of the missions in Zombie Blast Crew take place in city streets. When you’re on one of the city missions, you’ll need to find survivors and deliver gifts to them. When you deliver the gifts, a radio call will warn other survivors of the zombies. When you’re not helping other players, you’ll spend your time defending yourself from the growing numbers of zombies.

Unlimited Money

Zombie Blast Crew is available for free to those who own a computer and an Internet connection. For those who don’t own this game, they can join the gaming community and download Zombie Blast Crew for free. The gaming community has taken hold of Zombie Blast Crew as its number one game. Since many people enjoy Zombie Blast Crew, it’s no surprise that it’s become so popular. In fact, Zombie Blast Crew is so popular that there are now several different online Zombie Blast Crew flash games available for download.


There are also quite a few perks that come with playing Zombie Blast Crew. Because of this, more people are joining the gaming community. To date, there are over 60 people who play Zombie Blast Crew every day. And all of these players have one thing in common. They all want to earn unlimited money!

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