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Z Days: The Hearts of Heroes is a mod for Bohemia Interactive’s Z Days: The mod, a highly addictive simulation, and strategy-adventure game. Z Days: The Hearts of Heroes is a single-player mod, and is not to be confused with Z Days: The Zombie Survival Mod.

In fact, the two games have very little in common, and are developed by two different people. However, the mod and its developer share a few similarities, such as the overall concept – a time-traveling mission – and a few similar features.

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Z Days The Hearts of Heroes

Z Days: The Hearts of Heroes is set in 20th century Prague. It is a time travel story, set one year after the events of Zetsman. Here, you’ll find that history has been forgotten and that only a few of the people from that time have survived. As you delve further into the game, you learn that the cause of this disaster is influenza. Your task is to find out why and help the other survivors to fight off the flu.

Single Player Mod

Z Days: The Hearts of Heroes is a single-player mod, where you play as either a soldier or a doctor. You start the game by choosing your character, and your path through the game will be determined by those choices. Throughout the game, you’ll find out that you can choose to be a hero or a villain, each with its own skills, weapons, and abilities. Each level adds new challenges, as you go back and level up your character.

Real-Life Event

Zetsman is a mod based on the real-life event of the Prague Spring. The game is set in the period just before and after the revolution. There are many different aspects to the story, which allows players to choose which elements they find most appealing.

Z Days: The Hearts of Heroes features an interactive storyline, in which you help the other survivors to fight against the invaders. For example, one of your teammates might need some medical attention, so you’ll go and get it for them. You’ll also be helping to recover the bodies of your fallen comrades, which will in turn give you more weapons to fight with. These stories are told through journal entries you keep hidden until the game ends.

New Missions

As you level up, you’ll find new missions available to you. Some of these are to kill a certain number of enemies, others to clear a specific area of the map. Some of them are timed so that you have to do them quickly or else you lose points.

Other objectives include protecting the captive humans, finding missing people, and recovering valuable data. This mission will vary, depending on the level you are on at the time, but they always require you to do your best to succeed.

Multiplayer Server

The actual action in Z Days: The Hearts of Heroes takes place on an action-packed multiplayer server. What this means is that you’ll be playing the game with other players who are all trying to kill the same kind of character. It is basically turn-based, where you don’t actually “click” your mouse to make the next attack, but rather, “hold” down the trigger button and watch your hero sprint towards your target.

You are given plenty of time to prepare an attack, though an enemy attack can occur while you are trying to save the prisoner. If this happens, then the game will be over and you must start the whole process over again.


This is not a game where you can just relax and let the action unfold. While the story is very thrilling, it does get very frantic as the player gets into the thick of things and begins to realize that not all of your strategies are working. This adds an extra element of excitement as you try to figure out just what has gone wrong.

In the end, though, it’s satisfying to see your hero win the fight against the evil corporation, and you get a nice feeling from the accomplishment.

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