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Z Champions is a great new addictive game on Facebook. It is very much like any other MMA game you would play, however, it takes you to the Z continent to do battle. There are seven regions to fight in. When you are fighting in a region, you can pick which battle you would like to be involved in. There are two types of battles, boss battles and Vs Boss battles.

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Z Champions

The first area you will fight in is the Z Champions Training ground. Here, you will learn more about your opponent and their abilities. The Z Champions skill set is very different and has different fighting skills and attributes. If you want to increase your skills, then you will need to defeat your opponents and practice in this training area.

Z Champions Arena

In the second region, the Z Champions Arena is located. Here, you will be able to see several matches and their outcomes. You will have a limited number of rounds in this practice mode, but it will be enough to see how you fair against your opponents. You can also spend some time in this practice mode to see how well you perform during a match.

Z Champions Mod Apk

The Z Champions mod apk contains various options that can be changed by the user. The most common options are the following. These options can be customized according to user preferences. These are divided into different categories as listed below.

Power Ups

The first category of options in the Z Champions apk is the Power Ups. This is where you will be able to add extra lives to your character and execute special moves and techniques. This power ups are divided into two sub categories. These include the Special Power Ups and the Master Power Up. The Master Power Up allows players to execute two different master techniques at the same time.

Special Power

The second category includes the special power ups. This is where you will be able to acquire new weapons and techniques. The Dragon Ball Z application has many different weapons and techniques. This includes the Dragon Ball Z Jr which has different applications and is able to attack in different ways. The Z Fighters also has different weapons and techniques that makes them unique compared to other Z Champions.

Game Modes

The last category is the Game modes. The game modes can be selected depending on whether you prefer playing against a computer-generated character or a real-life opponent. You can also select the level of difficulty during game play. The Z Champions apk contains the game modes such as the Story mode, Challenge mode, Endless mode and the unlockable stages.

Z Fighters

The Z Champions mod apk is not only for Z Fighters. There is an option to download it for other popular fighting games such as Street fighter 3, Marvel vs. opponent and classic fighting skills. If you wish to play them online, you can try out the free demo versions at the link below.

Gaming Experience

This is just one example of how this application enhances your gaming experience. It will make the gaming experience more exciting and enjoyable. This has become one of the sought after downloaded applications for both kids and adults alike. Download it now!

Unlocking Characters

Z Champions allows you to hone your skills by unlocking characters and mastering strategies. You can choose from various characters and master their special moves and weapons. There are different levels to the game ranging from easy to hard. When you are through mastering them, you can try mastering other skills such as flying, surfing, and archery. Some of the unlockables include the following:

playing Z Champions

There are several different strategies and techniques for you to use when playing Z Champions. One of the main objectives is to defeat opponents by delivering powerful attacks to them. In this training mode, you can learn how to unleash your strongest attacks, defense skills, and throws. There are various attacks that you can unleash such as a powerful uppercut or a spinning back kick. The training mode can also be used to perfect your timing, strength, and agility.


Once you have honed your skills in this exciting training mode, you can move on to a dragon ball battle. This is where you can use your enhanced skills to knock down your enemies. The dragon ball is a unique device that gives you special powers and allows you to attack your opponent. You can use your skills to throw the ball at them or you can stomp on them to cause many damages.

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