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Everybody is familiar with YouTube and each one of us has used it. However, there are some limitations one has to encounter on YouTube even today.

YouTube Pink Apk

To bypass the limitations that YouTube faces, YouTube it is suggested to install YouTube Pink Apk onto your device. With this app, you can enjoy many of these features that aren’t available on YouTube. It is also possible to play videos in the background. YouTube such as playing videos, even in the background.

The control of screen brightness and no restrictions on countries are the major advantages and highlights of this application. If you’re looking to know more about the other options of the application, be sure to keep reading the post.


Youtube Pink Pro is now working properly. We’ve removed the error code 400. Simply download the appk listed below.

Additional Information

Name YouTube Pink
Size 60MB
Version Latest
Ratings 4.1 out of 5
Android version 4 and up
Updated on 19 April 2022
Category Tools
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The main advantages of this application are listed below.


It will recommend videos that match your interests only. The videos that you have found to date will be added to your recommended list.

If, for instance, you are a fan of watching science fiction films, then your recommendations list will display the films with themes and ideas of science and fiction.

The theme is classy

The concept of the game is attractive. The whole theme will be in the pink color. Whatever the area of notification, the areas for the search bar, suggestions or watch later in the short each module will be colored pink.

This is the reason why the application is dubbed Pink YouTube because of the theme and the color it uses. It’s a girly color and is the reason it is adored by women. This shade is so light and cool that it doesn’t bother you as much.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to view the videos or make use of the application using pink. You can change to a different theme as well, based on your requirements.

Dark Mode

A number of social media platforms have switched to dark mode for the convenience of users. This is also the case for this app. It is possible to change into its darker design in the program instead of the pink theme whenever you’d like to. All you need to do is enable this mode within the options of the application at any time you’d like to.

Background Mode

You can switch to a different application while you watch the videos. Like different versions of YouTube when switching to another program, the video ceases to play slowly.

With YouTube Pink Apk, you’re not likely to encounter this issue. The streaming video will play in the background. It is important to know that you can get these features on Youtube Red and Youtube Blue as well.

It is possible to chat with your friends using any social media app. Your video won’t be paused or stopped. Whichever messaging program you use, your video will never stop or be paused.

Screen Brightness

If your screen’s brightness is making you uncomfortable or irritating your eyes, you are no longer able to set the brightness of your screen within the area of notification.

It is easy to set the brightness of the video playing by moving the video’s screen. The brightness can be altered in accordance with your personal preference.

Videos On-Repeat

The video can be played repeatedly. If you enjoy any kind of video, no matter its style, then when you play it repeatedly and it will play the video continuously, regardless of whether it is in the background or foreground.

No Restriction

In the majority of YouTube videos, you’ll be subject to the limitations of age and nationality. With pink YouTube, you’re not bound by the restrictions of age and country.

No Ads

YouTube’s version isn’t ad-supported. YouTube will not display any ads on videos. Therefore, you can watch as many video ads as you like for free. Video of all lengths can be watched with no annoyance of advertisements.

Double Tap

In lieu of shutting down the application and videos instead, you can let YouTube sleep. YouTube sleep immediately by double-tapping across the monitor. When you tap any area on the display of YouTube Pink and YouTube will go to sleep with one click.

Repeat Videos

Another feature of Youtube Pink is that you can view the video for as long as you want. When the video is completed, you can view it again or watch it replay repeatedly. The most effective feature is when you listen to your favorite songs or other audio.

Watch On TV

You can stream YouTube on your television however the TV must be connected to the same WiFi network that your smartphone is. You can also connect your TV and phone with a TV code.

Auto Play

It is among the best characteristics that are available in the newer version of Youtube that allows you to set your videos to play automatically. This means that when an episode is over, a new video will play automatically without any effort. This feature is useful when listening to music, etc.

Limit Mobile Data Usage

There is a choice to limit the use of mobile data that could save you megabytes. When you enable this option, videos can be viewed with low-quality video so that you can save mobile data. If you are using Wifi you can disable this option to watch HD quality videos.

What’s New?

  • The app has been protected to run
  • UI is much better than before.
  • Themes can be altered
  • Advertisements are taken down
  • Updated to the most recent version.
  • You can perform more activities when you watch any film.
  • Small bugs have been fixed.
  • 400 error has been removed thanks to the company


Q: Can I run other applications while making use of Youtube Pink?

Answer: Yes, you are able to use other applications when using this YouTube version, for example, you can use WhatsApp, Instagram, and numerous other apps.

Q Is this app ad-free?

Answer: Yes, one of the main benefits of using this YouTube version is that you won’t see any ads when you watch any video.

Q is Youtuber Pink available for IOS gadgets?

Answer: No, currently the YouTube version is not accessible for IOS devices.


Personally, what I love most about YouTube pink Apk is the ability to play videos or songs within the backgrounds of apps. This feature was not available in the older version of YouTube and was a feature that was desired for many years.

In addition to these features, There are many more aspects of the application you can take advantage of, like the ability to adjust the brightness of the screen, and so on. In essence, you should try the app at least once.

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