YouTube Black Apk [September-2022] [Mod Features Dark Mode, Theme]

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If you own a smartphone, then you are definitely using YouTube on it. Since it is the default program for all Android devices. It is because YouTube promises to deliver the top videos across the globe.

YouTube Black Apk

There are many theories about this app because it displays ads every minute and which can be irritating for users. As a social media platform, it’s the duty that is the responsibility of YouTube Company to show the ads each time they appear on the screen.

Since the company is compensated for displaying advertisements. If you’d like ads-free YouTube and you’ll be advised to download its Modded version.

Without a doubt, YouTube Black Apkis one of the most modernized versions of YouTube to date, offering completely new features to users.


Youtube Black Pro is now working properly. We’ve removed the error code 400. Download the Apk below.

Additional Information

Name YouTube Black
Size 80MB
Offered by Google LLC.
Updated on May 1, 2022
Version 15.05 54
Developer Mobapks
Category Tools
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Black Theme

YouTube black supports the option of a dark theme which will not allow the battery to be exhausted. Furthermore, this feature does not cause any discomfort in the eyes of users.

This feature can also benefit those who use their phones during the night since it won’t cause discomfort to the eyes.

Block Ads

The most loved feature you can find in YouTube Black Apk is its advertising blocker, meaning that regardless of how long a video you’re watching, you won’t be irritated by the pop-up ads.

Background Play

Additionally, the videos you are viewing on YouTube can be streamed in the background. This is a great feature for those who work on a different app in the background and don’t want to be interrupted by the video. So you can set it to play in the background.

Swipe Control

The application also works with swipe control gestures. This allows you to set the volume and brightness of the screen simply by moving the screen with your fingers.

Swipe control is definitely the most effective feature that lets you control of the volume and brightness of the video you are watching directly on the screen.


If you wish to play a video that’s on loop, it is possible to use the feature. If you select the auto-repeat feature for the video and it allows your preferred video to play over and over again without having to play it over and repeatedly.

Identical Interface

One of the most amazing features you’ll find on this application is the identical interface that you’re accustomed to. It offers the exact same interface as YouTube. YouTube official website.

There isn’t any difference in the interface and the control of the two versions, but there is a slight distinction in the colors.

No Root

We’re all aware of prior to the installation the modified version of an application is installed, the user will always be asked to root their devices before installing it which is always dangerous. YouTube will never ever ask to root your device, so it’s secure enough to install.

Certain applications require users to root their devices prior to use. However, it could be detrimental to the device. Therefore, you can install YouTube Black Apk on an Android device without rooting it.

Download Videos

This application functions exactly like YouTube, it functions the same way as YouTube and provides you with the ability to access millions of YouTube videos from around the globe, which means you can download any video you’d like to view.

This video is saved in the gallery of your device. You can use it later on without the stress of having a reliable internet connection.

What’s New?

  • The user interface is enhanced
  • There isn’t a 400 error or more in this version pro
  • Themes can be altered.


YouTube Black Apk is no doubt the most suitable choice for people who love to stream YouTube videos but are tired of seeing ads pop up each and every time. The version you are using of YouTube is free of advertisements and offers videos from around the globe.

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