Xtraincom Games Apk (Mod Features Unlimited Money)

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Xtraincom Games is an Online Arcade game for mobile devices that can be played from either a computer or mobile phone. Xtraincom Games Mod Apk is an arcade game where one plays the role of a superhero.

This game has very simple rules and thus the player is not required to have any background knowledge about the game. This type of game is preferred by most kids because it is very easy to understand and is very entertaining.

Xtraincom Games Apk

Xtraincom Games have been categorized into different types, these are as follows: Xtraincom Games for Android, Xtraincom Games for IOS, and Xtraincom Games for Flash. Xtraincom Games Mod Apk has been given an adult-oriented rating and is intended for those players who are above the age of twelve.

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The latest official release has been released on 10,000 plus devices. On a five-point rating scale, this app received a rating of fifty-two, a rating of five stars, and a popularity rating of four stars. The user reviews can be found in different gaming sites.

Latest Version

Xtraincom Games has been upgraded to its latest version, which is the Xtraincom Games Lite version. With the latest version, you can play the X Train Games in two modes; Story mode and Endless mode. In the story mode, you have the option of controlling the heroine and collecting money and other objects that will help you to complete the mission and save the damsel. You will have unlimited money if you collect more than one hundred and fifty points.

Xtraincom Games Mod Apk has been given a fresh look in its latest version, which is the Xtraincom Games Lite. This version does not have all the flash-based effects as the previous one but it still has a lot of fresh features and it doesn’t require an internet connection.

Xtrain Entertainment

It also uses the popular Ad-Aware software so you do not have to worry about the virus infection. This mod pack also includes the Xtrain Entertainment Facebook Connect, which will allow your friends to connect with you through Facebook.

With the Xtraincom Games Lite, you can play the game in two modes, Story Mode, and Endless mode. You can control the hero by choosing the different poses from a variety of female characters. There are various levels in the Xtraincom Games, from the very easy to the extremely challenging ones.

You can buy various objects using your in-game money or by earning them through various tasks. The free online flash games are supported by the Java and Silver apps.

Xtrain Speedway

Other Xtraincom Games Mod Apk that you can download from the Android Market include Xtrain Speedway and Xtrain Arena. Both these games are designed in a way to provide an all-out action experience. You can also participate in the numerous competitions organized by Xtraincom and take part in the virtual races. You can purchase tickets for the tournaments from the marketplace.

The main objective of the Xtraincom Games is to provide an engaging and entertaining gaming experience on various mobiles, tablets, and PCs. The X-games offered in the Google play store are supported on devices using the Android OS 3.2 and above.

Samsung Windows

The applications and the games for mobiles such as the capacitive Android phones, Samsung windows, tablets such as the iPad, and various other tablets with Windows operating systems are available on the Android market.

With the games mod apk files, which are stored in the downloads section of the play store, you can easily install and play them on your smartphone or tablet of your choice. You do not have to install the actual games on your device in order to enjoy these apps.

If you are not having any issues with the downloaded games, you can easily install them and enjoy them. You can either install them using the built-in installation methods for the Android devices or you can use the add-on and folder tools present in the play store to install the X-game files.


In case of any complaints regarding the quality of the X-game files, you can get in touch with the customer care service of Xtraincom through the link provided at the end of this article. The customer care executives of Xtraincom are always ready to assist you in case you encounter any issue related to the downloaded software. You can clarify all your doubts on the various Xtraincom Games Mod Apk that are available on the play store.

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