World War Heroes Apk (MOD Features Unlimited Ammo)

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World War Heroes is a game that enables the player to act like characters from different World War battles. In fact, World War Heroes offers the most realistic line of military hardware and armaments. You can have a fighter plane, a tank, and a number of military helicopters with various upgrades. The game also immerses the player in the battlefield with its various scenarios that require quick thinking and action.

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World War Heroes don’t let young brave men shoot their enemies from the sky. You have to get down and have a good face. You can’t yell fire on a crowded battlefield nor can you show off your abilities by shooting everyone from the sky. Every soldier in this game also has his own rank. Not only show off your skill and experience but the exact rank to engage in the next battle.


There are various types of weapons used in World War Heroes. All the soldiers have unique weaponry that increases their power as they fight. You can pick only the best guns for each rank or you can increase the power of all your troops at once and use multiple types of assault rifles and machine guns to destroy your enemies. The World War Heroes tanks have different weapons as well, and you should know which ones are available to you in each battle before you start fighting.


The World War Heroes ww2 mod changes the gameplay and brings a lot of exciting features to the game. In the battle, you will fight alongside your troops against the enemy. When you are in a battle and the whole thing turns out to be a draw, you can withdraw from the battlefield without losing any life.


Since the mod changes the game every time you play, you can continue playing your old games using the latest weapons and strategies without having to start from scratch. However, there are new maps available and you will definitely find one that is perfect for you. This mod also includes various battle strategies which you can use to win the game.

Story Mode

The mod also has two main game modes: Story mode and Multiplayer mode. In the story mode, you play as one of the world war ii heroes and follow the different storylines, helping your country to fight against the aggressors. The multiplayer mode allows you to play with a group of people against each other. You can fight and kill each other. The World War Heroes WP2 mod has all these modes and many more and it can be played free of cost.

Helpers Mode

You will also get a lot of add-ons and enhancements when you purchase the World War Heroes mod apk. There are several different modes including the Story mode, Endless War mode, Helpers mode, Arena mode, Team battle, and many more. You can enjoy the game thoroughly if you install the World War Heroes mod and use all the modes available in the game.

If you feel that you need more challenge then you can always opt for the higher difficulties like the Supreme Master difficulty. There are various sound effects also included so you can hear the battlefield sounds clear.

Arena Mode

Now you can fight on the battlefields with your own chopper and enjoy the thrill. You can select the best weapons and the upgrades for your chopper. You can see the different graphics options available and install the newest graphics packs so that you look the most authentic. You can also watch some inspiring videos related to the World War Heroes and the W2 FPS mod menu of the mod can allow you to watch these clips and learn some tips from them.

Heroes Mod

The World War Heroes mod is available for free on the internet and if you download the apk and install it on your android device then you can play World War Heroes even without purchasing the mod. However, if you really want to have a complete World War Heroes experience then you must purchase the World War Heroes mod pack which contains various upgrades and new levels.


You can choose any of the three heroes available and can be playing and having fun in no time. If you want to know more about World War Heroes or the mod in general then you can visit the official website of the developers of the mod and get the latest news and information about the World War Heroes mod and the Android devices it is available for download on the internet.

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