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WithstandZ is a zombie-themed, rogue-lite action-adventure game based on the popular zombie franchise. WithstandZ – Zombie Survival! – an entertaining action game full of elements of an adventure simulator, in a post zombie world filled with other potential threats.

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An open world, zombie pixel art, multiple game possibilities, multiplayer to beat challenges with friends and more will thrill all zombie fans of this genre. Zombie Survival! For those not familiar with this game, we’ll start with a bit of the story. As a peaceful town’s remaining humans flee from the zombies, a band of infected zombies break free from their quarantine and try to overrun the whole city.

Infected Mode

You play alone or with up to four players online (that’s four times the number of people you could play with!). In WithstandZ, you have two options to choose from: the “infected” mode, which sees you have to survive as long as possible against waves of infected zombies; and “free run” mode, where you are able to explore the city, get items, fight off zombies and the like, but you can’t survive longer than a few minutes.


In addition to these two options, you also have a third option that is available upon completion of the game: the ” Survivor” option, which places you in control of survivor John, tasked with protecting the rest of the city from the zombies. The ” Survivor” option is available in single and multi-player versions, allowing you to get either help or get rid of the zombies by yourself.

Open World

The game is created for both iOS and Android, using an open-world design that looks as though it has been transplanted straight from a zombie movie. zombie survival is a fun and exciting survival simulation game, where your objective is to make it through a hostile environment, while collecting weapons, food and equipment. WithstandZ features some great elements that really make it stand out. These include:

Stunning Artwork

First, there is the stunning artwork. The images shown on WithstandZ’s home page look as if they have been lifted straight out of a zombie survival movie, and look quite photorealistic. They are quite colorful and have nice contrasting effects. It is obvious that the team behind WithstandZ took a lot of time and care to create a zombie survival game that looks good.

Different Levels

Secondly, there are several different levels, each featuring their own assortment of zombies. The difficulty level can be adjusted easily, allowing players to try out the different difficulties as they rise up. This adds an element of personalization, as you can try different difficulties when you feel you are not quite up to the challenge on the current level. WithstandZ is fun adventure based gameplay, and definitely different from other similar games.


Another feature that really makes WithstandZ stand out is its great multiplayer mode. The zombie survival game allows players to play with other people around the world who have the same interest in the same thing as you do. This is achieved by using the network feature known as the “APK Store”. WithstandZ uses the APK file format to allow you to connect with other players. These players can then either join your “forts” online or join up in a multiplayer battle if they want to.

Craft and Play

To get the full enjoyment out of WithstandZ, you need to download the mod free craft and play the current version. This current version is 1.2. This version has minor graphical issues, but overall the game runs smoothly. I just finished updating to the latest build and noticed that I have almost all of the weapons, plants and loot working. Also, the zombies aren’t as difficult to kill as they were in the old versions of the game. You can easily defeat a zombie with a couple of cans of beans.


If you want to try out the latest version of WithstandZ on your phone, you can download the mod free craft and get the latest version now. You can also get the latest update for your existing build. The official website has a link for downloads. I would advise getting the latest build, and then considering the option of downloading the mod free craft for your phone.

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