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Wild Blood Description. The Wild Blood is the most recent and latest addition to the World of Warcraft’s Anniversary Edition, and it is an expansion packed with exciting new content for the fans of the game who want more of the “stuff” that World of Warcraft offers its players.

This is actually a long-lost, complexly designed hidden secret valley, frozen into the ice during the age of ancient buildings, which, unfortunately, thawed only recently, surrounded by tall, freezing wood arranged in intricate patterns, seemingly impenetrable. However, when you find the entrance to this Wild Blood, you’ll find a secret cave containing a tribe of Kel’Thuzad shadow creatures who worship their own dying god.Wild Blood

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What’s Wild Blood about? Well, let’s start with a bit of background information. When playing World of Warcraft (WoW), you are allowed to select certain areas of the map you want to visit. Usually these areas have some story behind them, and a few other aspects as well. For example, say you choose to go and visit the Lorgar’s Crypt in the Barrens. Before you can enter there, you will need to complete some quests that involve entering the crypt.

Inventory Ttems

During your exploration of the Wild Blood, you will find that you are unable to use most of your inventory items. Why? Because you aren’t actually in the Wild Blood. You are instead in a portion of Azeroth known as the Nexus, where your WoW characters are limited to using a certain number of “legendary” items and weapons. These include things like the legendary sword Frostmourne.

Deffrotect Weapons

Certain items in the Wild Blood include deffrotect weapons, which are unique to the Wild Blood faction only. These include the Scimitars of the Silver Hand and the Greatswords of the Burning Legion. If you had a rank in melee when you reached the Nexus, or if you were a member of a Horde or Alliance faction when you reached the Wild Blood, you can use one of these weapons for your character in World of Warcraft.

More Murlocs

In addition to these items, the Wild Blood also has a few quests that are very involved. For example, one quest will require you to kill a hundred or more murlocs before you can proceed to the next area. The objective of these quests is to collect as much gold as possible. While this is going on, you’re going to fight against murloc marauders and also murloc apprentices who are after your gold. There are also a few Wild Blood monsters that drop a special item called murloc brambles, which are worth a lot of gold if you know how to get at them.

Wild Blood Weapons

In addition to all the action, there are a variety of Wild Blood weapons available to be used during play. Some of these weapons are only available in multiplayer mode while others are only obtainable through crafting. Many of these weapons are only usable by characters who have reached a certain level, so it makes the game play a little bit more complicated.

Attention Towards

If you are just starting out in the action game world, I would recommend that you stick to using melee weapons and attacking with them. Once you get into the more challenging world of Azeroth, you can start focusing your attention towards some of the Wild Blood weapons available for purchase or grinding.

The Warrior

Currently there are only two classes that are able to use Wild Blood weapons. These characters are the Warrior and the Paladin. Only the Paladin can equip these weapons, so you will need to purchase the relevant mod version of these classes from their creators. The Paladin, or Protection Paladin in the World of Warcraft mod version, can equip the weapons even when they are not in their party. They also have infinite coins and can summon their own murlocs to do them in.


In addition to the awesome looking weapons, you can also get a mod version of the Druid class. While the Wild Blood druids in the World of Warcraft mod versions cannot wear the weapons, they are able to use the “Bless” mechanic. This mechanic allows them to regain a percentage of their total health over time. This percentage is based on a specific amount of “bless” energy that the druid has. You can get more bless energy by using items, so don’t hesitate to spend some of your little Wild Blood energy on this item.

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