WhatsApp Blue Apk [September-2022] [Mod Features Plus Blue]

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In contrast to WhatsApp official, There are a variety of versions of WhatsApp that have been developed by various developers as of now. Each version comes with its own tools and features.

In terms of WhatsApp Blue is concerned this application offers more than 10 features that are similar to the original version. This application has improved the user’s control of their WhatsApp account, as well as privacy.

Whatsapp Blue

You can track your WhatsApp account in greater detail with This version of Whatsapp Blue Plus which allows you to reverse the messages you’ve repeated.

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Additional Information

Released on May 1, 2022
Version v8.70
Size 30MB
Updated on 23 January 2022
Total Downloads 10M
Price Free
Category Whatsapp
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To summarise all features and tools offered through WhatsApp Blue seems impossible but we’ve tried to list every new feature and feature adopted below.

New Emoji

An extensive library of emojis was added to this app. Emojis can be used alongside GIFS for messages or when posting messages on status.

Themes and Colors

Changes to the theme haven’t been as easy as it was with blue WhatsApp. You are not limited to changing the theme that is unique to each contact, but you also alter the icon for the app. Alongside the change of colors and themes for notifications is another function in this program.

Airplane Mode

Nobody will be able to bother you immediately after you have changed the settings. If you don’t want to block someone, however, you don’t want to be notified of calls coming from a particular contact. There is a feature for blocking calls only from certain contacts.

You can set limits on the internet that will not disturb you while making use of WhatsApp blue. Although your information is stored on your WhatsApp messages, it won’t be available to your device.

Deleted Messages

This app has the capability of accessing deleted messages from your contacts. You are now able to easily view messages that the sender has deleted whenever you wish to.

Hide Media

There is the option of blocking videos and pictures in the gallery. This is a feature of WhatsApp that automatically saves images and other information in the gallery, however, within this application, you can disable these features by removing them from the settings.

Hide Last Active

You can also hide the date and the time of the last time you were seen. If you wish to determine the time of your last interaction you can do it manually as well. It is also possible to hide the last known activity by using the Tm and Red Whatsapp. Broadcast messaging hasn’t always been as simple as it is in this app. Broadcast your messages through group chats or groups.

You can block messages in the main menu of WhatsApp. In order to do that, you’ll need to click on the chat person to view the messages.

New Fonts

Fonts update is among the major updates. There are 30 fonts available in the library for you to work on.

Schedule Message

You can schedule your messages at any time. This will allow you to keep track of the timing of your messages. You’ll receive a complete list of messages if someone visits your profile while online.


This application is encrypted and you can change the password for this application without installing a third-party application.

Full-Length Videos

Set your status time at 7 mins instead of the standard 30 seconds. Instead of a 16-MB video, you could send the video with a 30MB size. You can upload up to 90 photos and videos rather than 10.

The videos and pictures shared are of superior quality compared to the other versions. Send up to 100MB size sounds directly via WhatsApp. It is possible to send large files with Golden Whatsapp too.

In the current version of WhatsApp, the user will be not restricted by 150 characters. The characters’ size is now 300 words.

Direct Copy

You can download the profile of your friends directly. Copy the message straight from WhatsApp. Send the message to friends, without displaying the forward icon on top.

Send messages and copies of multiple messages to your friends, without revealing their names. a person who sent it.

Group Messages

The messages sent to groups will be categorized depending on the job. Group admins will be given a Group admin tag when they make a post. As a group administrator is able to control group settings but only members of the group have the ability to do so.

If you’ve misdirected a message to multiple recipients, you can remove it at once instead of doing it separately.

The group message counter will be accessible. You can see how many messages were shared with the group by any member.

In group chats, You can view that the sender’s name is displayed along with the person who sent the message with the @ even though that person isn’t in your contacts list. You can only look up the details of each contact or group within the chat.

Media Preview

Preview every media before downloading it. It lets you view the content you want to and then you will be able to download it or skip downloading the media. Additionally, message filtering can be applied easily to group messages.


When your friend updates the photo on his profile, you’ll receive a notification. It will be the same whenever he changes his profile status.

Online/Offline Mode

Set your offline status online as well as ticks that you prefer. Set ticks, dots, or emojis for the delivery of your messages and for the status of your message.


Our conclusion on this application is simple. If you’re looking for exclusively the latest features in WhatsApp then you must download the application with no security worries.

The application is a massive package of many tools and features that you won’t find in the official versions.


Q: WhatsApp Blue available in the Google Play Store?

It’s not accessible on the Google Play Store.

What does be downloaded WhatsApp Blue?

You can install this by clicking the link that is provided inside the report.

Q: WhatsApp Blue completely safe for installation and usage?

Absolutely, this application is 100% secure to use and install.

Q Can we post via WhatsApp regarding any privacy issues?

No, you cannot. Since this app isn’t developed made by Official WhatsApp developers. Therefore, anything that happens regarding privacy issues will not have the authority of the app.

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