Western Sniper Apk (MOD Features Free Shoping)

Western Sniper Apk Download

If you love shooting games with an excellent storyline, and high-quality graphics, you are going to love Western Sniper. This fun online shooting range is surely going to surprise you with not only its interesting storyline but also its unique gameplay.

This game provides an outstanding blend of shooting and role-playing. Moreover, its unique feature-set and storyline will certainly keep you engaged in your game from start to finish.

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Western Sniper

Western Sniper is a free gun game (for PC). In this free vid game, you as the protagonist Mustard must prevent the outlaws from stealing the shipment of gold from the bank.

You can do so by shooting all the bad guys and avoiding any of their attacks. If you shoot all the bandits in one shot, they will go down in a single shot. However, if any of your gang members get hit by a bullet, they will be dying soon after.

Western Sniper Mod

The free western sniper mod apk provides several features which make the action game more exciting. When you install the mod, you will get access to three guns which are all available for purchase. Once you have them, you can either hire or buy some more sharpshooters for your team to fight against the remaining bandit gangs. All these additional weapons add more fun to the game.

Shooting Range

The free vid game Western Sniper offers the most excellent and thrilling free shooting range. You will get to see different scenes from the free wild west shooting game like the sheriff shooting and the final gun battle between the bandit gangs and the hero.

However, to play this game, you have to create your own personal account. This is possible only when you pay a fee of $1.50 each time you log in to the free vid game.

Muzzle Flash

The action-packed free vid game Western Sniper offers the best of both worlds. It’s completely free and it’s very thrilling. The whole idea behind this type of free shooting game is to let you use guns that look real. They don’t have any recoil or muzzle flash. So you can fire as many times as you want and the ragdoll bandits won’t be able to escape from your action-packed game.

Gun Models

In the free vid game, you can select different gun models. Each model has different shooting modes like long-range spotting, close-quarter shooting, and machine gun blasting. The game store allows you to purchase or download the mod immediately after you register. This is because the mod is included with the game after you register. If you don’t want to purchase the mod, then you can simply delete it from your game store account.

Ragdoll Bandits

The action game Western Sniper is a completely free download. Once you have installed it on your computer, you can start playing immediately. However, if you want to try the mod out first, you can simply save the game from the beginning and continue from there. This will allow you to get acquainted with the mod and its features.

Full Version

Once you’ve got a taste of the mod and you’re already interested in purchasing the full version, you can simply log in to the game store, and pay the fee for the full version of the Western Sniper: Ragdoll bandits version, and enjoy the high-powered gun action.


If you love shooting games with amazing graphics and equally amazing sounds, then Western Sniper: Ragdoll Bandit will surely entertain you. The mod also includes various levels that can be played one after another. As soon as you complete one level, you will be able to jump right into the next level. If you master all the skills in the game, you can expect to score big points when you compete with other players online.

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