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WarFriends is fast becoming one of the biggest Facebook games. It’s free to play and is similar to many of the other social networking games out there. You can get WarFriends by getting a Facebook account. If you already have a Facebook account, you can use the link below to sign up.

If you don’t yet have a Facebook account, it’s quick and easy to make one. Just go to the main page and click on “get started” and you’re set!

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WarFriends is an action-packed, skill-based multiplayer first-person shooter game with intuitive touch controls and fresh graphics. You begin by choosing your character (soldiers, police, terrorists, etc.) and picking up a gun or rifle to fight the enemies. Each player has unlimited potential ammo and abilities and can level up by earning credits which are earned by winning kills.

Player vs Player

You can earn more credits by winning player vs player battles, which is how the game is known. To move up in ranks, you must win against stronger players or against the computer, which is done by sending private messages to other players using the provided IM chat functions.

Attacking Each Other

In the game itself, players take turns attacking each other with weaponry such as battle axes, machine guns, and even flamethrowers. The type of weapon you choose is entirely up to you, though each weapon has different abilities that can help you in various situations.

These abilities, of course, are only available for use while you are alive, so you’ll need to save your weapons for when you need them. Although you are allowed to take only one type of weapon in each battle, you can purchase additional weapons for added utility during your travels.


WarFriends has numerous features that can be used to customize your experience while playing the game. For example, a player may customize his appearance by adding body piercings and clothing options. Additional wardrobe changes can be made using a selection of over 15 different clothing sets.

For those who like, a player can change his voice by installing a microphone. Other aspects of the game allow users to connect with other war friends through their social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Terms And Conditions

WarFriends does require acceptance of the terms and conditions found on its official website. This is actually the most important consumer information required because it informs you of how the game functions and any additional information that you will need to know to play the game. WarFriends functions much the same way as most Facebook games do.

Create Friends

Players create a profile and can create friends and send messages to each other. To play with other players, all that is required is that you log into the WarFriends game through your mobile app (provided by Google Play). You can select which platform you’d prefer to play on, and that is the information you will need to provide.

Purchase Upgrades

WarFriends utilizes the in-game currency, Rubles, in order to purchase upgrades for your character. There are several different characters to choose from, including the pilot (used by players controlling actual airplanes), the soldier, the scout, and the bomber.

Each character flies around the world and has their own wings, gun, and the plane of travel. Players have several different settings they can choose from when it comes to creating a WarFriends PvP shooter.

Favorite Color Schemes

WarFriends allows its users to create their profiles using their favorite color schemes and avatars. The process is very simple – players choose an avatar and can then select a color scheme from a palette of red, green, blue, orange, and yellow. They can then select a helmet, sleeve tattoos, shoes, upper, lower, chest, and biceps, among other accessories.

Each accessory can be modified by adding or deleting attachments. A player can then select a skill-themed hairstyle, add voice-over clips, change hair color, change clothing, add a voice-recognition device, and input details about a specific motorcycle, vehicle, or other gear.


The World PvP aspect of WarFriends is centered on two main games – the “Brawl” and “Versus”, which are based on traditional brawls. Players take on the role of a customizable character and take on the role of either a fighter pilot, a soldier, a scout, a bomber, or a driver.

Players can switch between the various characters at any time during the game session by clicking on their avatars. Using the intuitive touch screens, the player navigates through their chosen character’s menu and selects weapons, armor, and clothing before engaging in a battle.

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