War Robots Apk (MOD Features Unlimited Gold and Silver)

War Robots, a new massively multiplayer online strategy game by PIXEL Studios is an exciting new game that pits you against other players to complete their own personal team of robotic warriors. In this fast-paced game, each player will be required to assemble and outfit their robot before using it in battle.

Constructing the various robots required is done with a simple drag-and-drop interface, following a pre-designed design blueprint.

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War Robots

Once this is done, your robot is sent into battle-ready to face off with rival robots in an effort to become the strongest and most victorious robot. Players can choose which type of armor and weapons they want their robot to have, and also choose what resource they want their robots to gather and use to recharge their energy levels and weapons’ capabilities.

Game Modes

War Robots has four different game modes, each with its own distinct style of play. The Team Battle mode is where you must defeat the other team to win the game. In this mode, you must carefully plan your strategies to outwit your opponent’s special tactics and special features.

You can even use some of the previously unused characters in the game for surprise attacks on other teams. This mode will keep you on your toes, and if you aren’t careful you might find yourself taking out your enemies through sheer dumb luck.

Arena Mod

The Arena mode of War Robots allows you to pit your War Robots against each other in epic head-to-head competitions. Using a special technology known as the Arena Builder, you are able to construct different arenas based on real-life military scenarios and pit your War Robots against one another.

The winner is the robot that lasts for the longest, regardless of its losing team or victorious team. While winning takes teamwork and strategy, losing is often a matter of dumb luck.

Multiplayer Mod

The fifth and final multiplayer mod available for your War Robots game is the Extinction mod, which adds the popular ” extinction wave” event to the game. This event can be triggered by either entering water or being hit by an explosion. As you fight your way through the sands of the arena, your robot can slowly start to disintegrate, turning it into scrap metal.


This event can be quite brutal, especially when combined with the Arena Builder, which will make the Extinction wave one of the most fearsome elements in the game. It will be very difficult to come back from such devastation and win the game.

War Robots Mod

If you think these were all the War Robots mod apks you could unlock, think again. There are tons more available, and each one offers its own exciting rewards and challenges. Some of the more commonly obtained robots include the G-Power, Super Auto Shot, Loco, Stone Spirit, Megasoma, and many others. Each of them has its own special skills, but you can also unlock skills for the rest of your robot army.

Purchase New War Robots

You can also purchase new war robots as well. The Steel Stinger offers high speed and power, while the Stomping beetle is perfect for soft targets. Of course, you can also purchase the usual melee weapons like the claw or the mace. These are perfect for offensive purposes, and you can also purchase armor for your vehicle as well.

You can upgrade your vehicle in the garage shop, but it will cost you almost as much as the purchase of these new skills, so it’s best to save them for the end game.

Kinds of Robots

With all these resources at your disposal, it’s easy to see why a lot of players find War Robots an enjoyable game to play. Plus, since there are so many different kinds of robots to buy, the resources and information needed to keep your arsenal of war machines going are not that difficult to find. And once you have reached the level cap, the ability to have more than 50 robots makes controlling multiple types of robots practically impossible.


As you can see, the War Robots mod is not only great for those who love to play defense games where you have to protect your base from the never-ending hordes of enemy robots. In fact, if you want to experience the most gripping action on your computer, you should really play War Robots.

Not only does it offer hours of high-paced robot battles, it also allows you to earn tons of gold and spend it on all kinds of upgrades. Plus, you can even download the mod for free and be able to enjoy it for years to come!


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