War of Rafts Crazy Apk (Mod Features Unlimited Money)

War of Rafts: Crazy Mod is the ultimate Raft game for you which is very exciting and fun. Crazy is an exciting game in itself. You have to make your own raft and sail towards the sea for lots of adventure. Now, you can also make an app for your PC or iPhone and get the real fun of War of Rafts.

War of Rafts Crazy

War of Rafts Mod Apk: Crazy Apk is the best part of the War of Rafts 3. You are given unlimited money/fuel and unlimited levels to play. If they like it then you can use its premium feature and earn lots of money as well as unlock its high-end features which are super-cool.

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Guys try out this wonderful game now where you easily download it for free and use it anytime you wish on your mobile, it’s totally free to download. You can also track your friend’s progress and see their scores.

This raft game has been updated and is super fresh. It includes the all-new crazy obstacle courses. Be prepared to have a real tough time trying to get through the various obstacles in each course.

Previous Point

If you fail, you have to restart from the previous point, and that too from the start. It is a very nice feature in this game and makes it very interesting. There are different rafts, one for beginners, intermediate, and experts.

This app has been designed to work with Apple mobile devices and also for Android devices. It is a free app and you can check out the first level and see how it looks. I am sure that even your girlfriends will love it.

Crazy Rafting: Train of War comes out of Big Fish Games and is developed by Ludi Pictures. If you like the idea of Crazy Rafting, then you should definitely check out this app. You can play it right from your home or even on your phone.

Suitable For Kids

This is a very simple, but entertaining game and is suitable for kids aged three years and up. This is a challenging and thrilling game for those who are looking forward to some real fun and excitement. This game is available free on the iTunes App Store for iPhone and for Android phones. The game is so popular that it can be downloaded directly to your phone.

The free version, Crazy Rafting: Train of War has more exciting levels, and the rafts used are more advanced and of better quality. However, you have to purchase the paid app if you really want to enjoy the whole game. There are several action-packed games in this app and they are well designed to keep you entertained.


As soon as you open the app, it starts off with a teaser and gives you a fair idea of what is in store for you. As you move forward through the levels you will have to overcome different sets of obstacles and also come across many new players along the way. The graphics are very nice and provide a lot of life to the games.

There is an option to connect with your Facebook friends so that you can get updates and know about any new offers or competitions. You can also sign up for various online communities and chat with them for hours on end.

You can do this while playing the game, as well as making up stories and enjoying the socializing aspect of it. You can view the storyboards on the blog, and even get to choose the art for each level and the rafts you will use to sail your boat on.


The interface is very simple and you can master the interface within a few minutes. It is compatible with all versions of iPhone as well as Android handsets and provides you with an excellent gaming experience.

There are no advertisements or other interruptions, and you can even adjust the game and its length. You can find out more about the game and how to play through its website, as well as get the latest news and information about the game.


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