Virtual Backup Apk [September-2022] [Mod Features 32 & 64Bit]

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With the development of technology and the digital age, there are many problems with backing up their information. Since mobile phones and similar devices are not able to support an enormous amount of memory for storing users’ data.

To store a huge quantity of data in a virtual format, you can use Virtual Backup Apk. The program comes with other features, not just a backup of data.

Virtual Backup Apk

If you’re a big amount of data that you want to store in the data storage for numerous applications and don’t wish to invest a significant amount of money to purchase an expensive new device to keep the bulk of your data, then you should test this program for a few minutes.

This application is a program designed for Android devices to back up photos, files Apk, games, and other files as well. It’s a secure and reliable app that won’t harm your information or your data in any manner.

Additional Information

Name Virtual Backup
Version 1.1.2
Size 25Kb
Ratings 4.5
Android support 2.3and above
Updated on 19 April 2022
Category Tools
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The application offers a variety of options. Below, we’ve listed a few of the best features this application has to offer.

Backup Data

Backup your data whenever you’d like. You can backup any type of data anytime you’d like to. After backup it is easy to access the data you have stored.

If you do this, you’ll not just save your data for the future, but will also save cash as well. Since whenever you purchase any additional or tertiary storage device for your information it will cost you quite a bit.


After you have backed up your data, should you delete your data accidentally, there is no to worry about it then you can easily be able to access your data by restoring the directory or file.

Apps Data

There is no obligation to just backup your data on a different device. If you wish to backup your data from any program, you can be able to do so. Select the application whose information you wish to backup. This application will begin scanning the application and will perform the backup for the application.

One of the greatest advantages of application backup in this application is that the data from the program will be checked for backups without shutting down the application in question. You can open that application to do the backup of this application simultaneously without shutting the application.

Backup Time

After performing the backup of data will determine to calculate the size of the data that is backup as well as the date on the day that the backup will begin and close.

When the backup is completed of the backup, this program will also display the date and date that the data was saved, as well as the size of the backup too. It is easy to retrieve your data later by referring to the name and date when it was backup.


If you’ve got files or data on your computer that aren’t scanned for backup, you’ll receive an automated notification by the app to remind you of the backup of your data. After the successful complete backup or the process of backup can be clearly seen through the notifications by way of the progress bar.

Easily Install

This app does not take up large amounts of space as it has a size of just 25 Kb. Therefore, it’s not likely to cause any problems with the storage on the device.


There are many who express concerns regarding the security and safety concerns of apps that run online. However, be aware of the security issue that comes with Virtual Backup. The application is secure to download and install.


Our conclusion about this program is clear. If you are a huge user of data and don’t need to invest in equipment for it, Then Virtual Backup Apk is the ideal choice for you to utilize. It is also completely secure and will not damage your data in any way.


A: Do I have the virtual backup available in the Google marketplace?

This application is not yet available on the Google Play store.

Question: What do we create as the virtual backup?

The version you are looking at comes with a Modded version that isn’t available in the Google Play store, but users can install it directly from our website using the hyperlink below.

Q: Does Virtual Backup come at no installation?

Yes, the application can be downloaded and installed for free.

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