Vikings: War of Clans Kingdom Apk [September-2022] [Mod Features Free Everthing]

The Vikings: War of Clans kingdom Mod Apk is a strategic online RPG that combines fascinating gameplay and high-quality graphics! You’ll have to defeat the invaders who came to your beautiful country and captured your old fortress.

You have to rebuild a new home for your family and fight for their honor! The game offers an exciting story about the adventures of Vikings in one of the best strategy games on Android.

Take Control

a game that provides players with the exciting atmosphere of adventure and conquest in the Viking Era. In this awesome game, you are to lead your Vikinger to take control of more than 50 worlds.

Are you ready to become the new King of Ireland? Build your village, defend it from enemies and hold a magnificent tournament to win.

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Fight for your hoard, build an empire and be the greatest Viking of them all. When you are ready to fight, conquer other clans and earn rewards based on your victories. Conquer territories all over the world and amass a fortune in gold and gems through raids, trade, and more using our unique card system. Improve your skills by building new buildings to give you an advantage in battle.

Vikings War of Clans kingdom

thousands of soldiers and a large number of troops for you to train. The game has great graphics, a lot of different units and types of weapons, as well as characters with special features. Discover a world where magic and warfare have changed the course of history.

Fight to retain control over your land, solve quests and engage in wars on behalf of other clans! Become a hero or lead your clan to glory in this adventure strategy game! You’ll have tons of fun playing it!


The game features a variety of weapons that you can use against your enemies. You can also build a vast army to defend yourself from attackers. If you like strategy games, then this is definitely one for you!

The Vikings are tough people, and you will have to be just as tough to conquer the lands. The game has a great storyline, excellent graphics, and gameplay. The game features three different modes: campaign mode, challenge mode, and multiplayer mode. In each of these modes, you must defeat your enemies and become the king of all land.

  • Vikings: War of Clans kingdom Mod Apk Unlimited Gems
  • Vikings: War of Clans kingdom Mod Apk Unlimited Gold
  • Vikings: War of Clans kingdom Mod Apk Unlimited Diamonds
  • Vikings: War of Clans kingdom Mod Apk Unlimited Resources

Mod Apk Features

Build your city, train your troops, and raid other clans to take control of their lands. Use your resources wisely because they are limited. The more you develop your city, the more powerful it will become.

You can join alliances or create your own clan to share resources and fight against other clans. The game features many unique units, buildings, and weapons.

  1. You can build your town in the world of Vikings
  2. Fight against enemies with siege weapons
  3. Build an army and customize it according to your needs

Final Words

So if you are looking for a good strategy-based game then you should definitely try out Vikings: War of Clans kingdom Mod Apk without any hesitation because this game is really good for all types of players who want to enjoy some time by playing games on their smartphones.

This game is available for both Android as well as iOS devices so if you have an Android or iOS device then there is no need to worry about anything because you can easily download this amazing game on your device and start playing at once without any kind of issue or problem at all!


Can I play Vikings: War of Clans kingdom Mod Apk on my tablet?

Yes, it’s free to play on your phone and tablet.

Can I play Vikings: War of Clans kingdom Mod Apk on my PC?

Yes, you can download the game from our website and play it on your Windows PC or Mac.

Is it safe to download Vikings: War of Clans kingdom Mod Apk?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to download and play the game from our website. We have scanned all files using ESET NOD32 antivirus software to ensure that they are 100% clean and safe.

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