VideoFX Apk Music Video Maker Apk [September-2022] [Mod Features Free No Ads]

VideoFx Mod

Videos are the top option for anyone looking for an entertainment source. People love to watch and make videos. Some are professionals while others are beginners. A VideoFx mod Apk is an application created to ease the lives of those who have difficulty for them to modify their own videos.

VideoFx Mod Apk

It is Video Fx is an app that allows you to create videos with lip sync very quickly. You can select a soundtrack from your smartphone or one of the tracks in this app. The greatest feature is that it seamlessly syncs every aspect of your video to the audio at the specified place, regardless of how many pauses are taken.

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The application comes with numerous effects that you can use on running time when recording the video. While you’re recording your video and you are lip-syncing, you can just tap the effect you’d like to have to apply and the effect will then be added to your video in a matter of minutes.

In addition, you can also apply effects after making your video. This VideoFx Mod Apk allows you to create stop-motion videos using the stop-motion feature. A great package that comes with VideoFx is available.

Additional Information

Size 11M
Installs 10,000,000+
Current Version
Requires Android 4.1 and up
Ratings 4+
Updated on 16 March 2022
Category Video Editor
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Mbit Mod Apk

The videoFx Mod Apk is very simple to use and doesn’t require prior knowledge of video editing for its use. All you have to do is find your preferred soundtrack on your phone. If there isn’t a soundtrack on your phone, you may make use of any music from the app.

After you have finished selecting the audio and then hit the record button to begin your lip-sync. You can stop the recording and switch the scene at any time and when you return to the recording, the sound will begin from where you left off and there is no time delay between your lip-sync and the video you’re recording.


The functions that come with this VideoFx Mod Apk can be listed below.

Video Effects

The program has over 50 video effects you can incorporate into your videos. Effects help the videos pop, so make the most of them in accordance with the design of your videos. There are many effects, such as filmic, Neon Ghost, etc . available among these fifty effects. Reface is also full of Video Effects.

Live Effects

The program also allows you to apply different visual effects to your video as you record. It allows you to record and apply the effect while recording, and then see what the effect appears in the video.

Stop Motion Videos

Ever wondered how you create awesome animated videos that have frame delays? If yes, then it’s accomplished through stop motion, and it is available in this program that allows you to create animated motion video with frame delays to determine for the following scene.

Perfect Sync

The Sync that is performed in this app is flawless. If you stop the recording in order to change the setting or effect and then restart the track and your lip-sync won’t be affected. There is no lag or delay in the syncs.

Video Player

The application comes with an integrated video player that you can play all the videos you’ve made in the application in a matter of minutes. This is very beneficial as you don’t need to access your gallery to check out the work you’ve made. It is accessible on your application and if you want to edit it, you are able to do so easily.


This application is suitable for all ages. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced person This Video FxMod Apk will be the first option you choose when you need to create stop motion or lip-sync videos.

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