Vampire Love Castle Escape Apk (Mod Features Unlimited Everything)

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Vampire Love Castle escape is a totally free online game for Android using awesome features for both 1.3 and 2.0GHZ devices. The game has a great multiplayer mode for up to four players. In this game, you have to select the vampire that you want to pursue, feed him with blood or use the Vampire powers. Once you have used the Vampire powers, you have to find your way out of the castle.

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Vampire Love Castle Escape Apk

The Vampire Love Castle escape mod apk features a storyline that runs parallel to the actual Vampire movie franchise. You have to find out about the happenings in the castle as well as the origin of the Vampire, Dracula. You will need to save as many people as possible before you are completely safe from the Vampire.

You can purchase the Vampire Love Castle escape apk from Google play. It features the same stunning graphics that we saw in the movie.

A lot of Blood

Although the game has some adult content and a lot of blood, it is completely safe for children. It is one of those free games you can download and have fun while you are downloading it. Like most other games on Google Play, this one also offers a variety of different player options. When you are done with one game, you can download the next one without having to pay a penny.

The Features

The features you can enjoy when playing Vampire Love Castle escape are similar to the ones you would enjoy when playing the actual Vampire movie. There are plenty of enemies to fight, some helpful characters to help you, and an awesome background music track. The only difference is that there is no bloodshed here.

Killing Anyone

Another difference is that in this game, you are not restricted by wearing any clothes and killing anyone you want. You are simply a sitting duck, waiting for your next victim to walk into the castle and get sucked into the dark. If you make too many mistakes or fail to find the correct path, your character will be killed instantly. This makes the game a bit more challenging but is still fair.

Vampire Love

One cool feature available when playing Vampire Love Castle escape is the ability to get a book as a cheat. In the book, you get to control your vampire. You can control how fast he goes to sleep, how long he stays in deep sleep and how much blood he sucks from others.

Started The Escape

When you are playing this game, you are given the option to either get help or not. Choosing to get help will mean that you will have to go back to where you started the escape. However, if you do not know where you are going or you are unsure of your destination, playing without help would probably be a better idea.

Positive Parts

Vampire Love Castle escape is definitely not one of the most enjoyable games on the market but it does have its positives. The positive parts of the game involve all of those elements mentioned above. In addition to that, it’s one of the few games where you actually feel like a vampire. Playing this game with the sound effects turned off lets you feel like a vampire in total control of your actions.

Playable Character

I would definitely recommend Vampire Love Castle escape to anyone who has an interest in escaping from the real world. There is even a mini-adventure involving a werewolf if you are not playing the game with a werewolf as a playable character.

Interactive Objects

There really are many things you can do and see while playing Vampire Love Castle Escape. For example, you can explore the surroundings and find items and clues to help you get out. You can also go through the cemetery and find more bones and coffins to dig up. Plus, there are a lot of interactive objects and features that allow you to interact with the characters.

Love Castle

When you rescue your loved one, you get to return to the castle where you are welcomed by your loved one’s human love interest and get to play with him/her in order to get the password to the human world. This is where Vampire Love Castle Escape gets incredibly fun. Not only are you able to get the password, but you also get to control where the game takes you.


However, if you are playing the game without help, you will find yourself lost. This is fine though because once you manage to get the hang of playing the controls you will be able to find your way around the map. Playing Vampire Love Castle Escape with someone else is like having a private game night with them. Plus, the controls are so simple they actually encourage people to play the game by themselves. You might want to try this game.

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