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UNKILLED is an exciting, action packed zombie survival game. This is a realistic first person shooting game available on the iOS and Android platforms which promises to deliver players into the greatest war between humans and zombies.
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October 1, 2022
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UNKILLED is an exciting, action-packed zombie survival game. This is a realistic first-person shooting game available on the iOS and Android platforms which promises to deliver players into the greatest war between humans and zombies. If Dead Trigger had the same plot then it would be called Zombie Trigger. If it were a pure zombie game then I am sure it would be top three on the charts.

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In this gripping storyline, you play as one of the last humans in the world, tasked by the government to protect humanity from the hordes of zombies. As you take cover and defend yourself, making use of various weapons and tactics, fighting off waves of zombies while finding shelter, you’ll find yourself faced with decisions and situations that will change your game experience as much as the characters themselves.

Shooting Zombie

Unlike most shooting zombie games, the premise of UNKILLED is more of a survival-based theme. You have limited resources and you must conserve them while looking for a way to kill as many zombies as possible before they reach the safety of a secret evacuation zone.

As each level is completed, you move forward in the storyline but must make certain choices, some affecting the next level, others affecting the outcome of an ongoing conflict. For example, after successfully defending your base for the fourth time, you can move forward in the storyline but must prevent a military choirmaster from destroying your plane.

Single Player

The single-player component of UNKILLED is what sets it apart from many other free flash games. Although it is not exactly a massively multiplayer online game, you will still find yourself having plenty of opportunities to shoot zombies while thinking strategically about how each action affects the rest of your play-through.

For example, using a rapid-fire shotgun will kill zombies instantly, but if done too quickly, the zombies could run away. Therefore, if you use slow-fire shots, they could possibly take longer to die.

Unique Features

A couple of unique features of UNKILLED are its high damage output as compared to other zombies games, and its unique system of collecting high-value currency that allows you to purchase powerful weapons for use against the undead.

In addition, the powerful items are collected only after you complete objectives, so you will know which weapons to collect as each chapter unfolds. With its exciting zombie-fighting gameplay, this zombie-slaying flash game is well worth the download.

Latest Update

Today, I’d like to give you some great news – with the latest update of UNKILLED, you can now battle the undead in three unique modes: Story mode, Practice mode, and Endless mode. In story mode, you’ll help the zombies escape from a castle while battling other survivors using powerful weapons.

In Practice mode, you’ll hone your skills using the powerful weapons until you can face waves of zombies armed with powerful weapons. Lastly, in Endless mode you can do everything the way you want, trying to get to the finish line without spending any energy.

Multiplayer Shooter

If you’re looking for a new multiplayer shooter game with exciting zombies along with high-quality zombie graphics, look no further than UNKILLED. The free version of this exciting flash game has been updated to version 1.2, giving you even more value for your money.

The great news is that you don’t need to purchase the game to play it. You can easily download the unkilled mod apk and start playing right away!

Powerful Weapons

As previously mentioned, in this free mod you can collect powerful weapons, such as the chainsaw, which can chop up an entire group of zombies in one swipe. If you want to buy the upgrade, that’s fine too. You can even get crates that contain powerful weapons that will help you in your mission to protect the human race.

It’s up to you whether or not you want to spend any money on this great mod, or if you want to simply download the UNKILLED mod apk and play immediately.


Downloading the UNKILLED mod apk allows you to experience the fast action and high-quality zombie visuals this cool mod has to offer. With the help of a simple OBB file, you can quickly build an army of zombies that will destroy anything in your way. These zombies are extremely tough, especially if you have access to a high-damage weapon like the chainsaw.

The controls of this popular mod are simple: you use your mouse to swing, use the keyboard to aim and use the R Button to perform powerful attacks. UNKILLED is an amazing mod for anyone who enjoys zombie games on the internet.


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