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Truck Driver City Crush is an online browser game based on the hit movie, City crush. The unforgiving real world of organized gangs and criminals is no longer reserved only for the weak. Nowadays, even ordinary people can experience the thrill and excitement of online multiplayer games.

That’s why the popularity of Truck Driver City Crush has grown over the years. As a result, more people are trying to download the mod available in the Android market.

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Truck Driver City Crush Apk

Truck Driver City Crush is a browser game that is based on the famous television series, City Crush. This game engine provides you an exciting and thrilling driving experience as you save the innocent people under the reign of the merciless gangs.

Likewise, you also have the opportunity to save the truck drivers who work for your company every day. The realistic in-game environment and the high-quality trucking graphics ensure that you enjoy playing the game from start to finish.

Interesting Features

There are many interesting features integrated into this amazing game including the advanced level of detail such as the vehicle detailing. The truck model is faithfully rendered on the screenshots and all textures are finely tweaked to provide a better playing experience. You can enjoy the long-distance travel in this game along with the zoom options for close-up details.

Air Suspension

Furthermore, the trucks are well designed with many features such as air suspension, 4-wheel drive, and anti-lock brakes. The advanced gameplay provides the player with numerous options such as customizing the color of the tires, changing the tire tread, changing the rims, customizing the decals, and selecting the body style of your truck.


As a part of the customization, you are also able to change the radio stations and customize your steering wheel with many added features. There are several different difficulty levels that allow the player to feel the right level of challenge.

However, if you need more challenging driving, the fully unlocked versions of the truck games are available for download. In the fully unlocked versions, you will receive all previously available trucks and will not be given any new trucks to drive around.

Unlockable Versions

The fully unlockable versions of the Truck Driver City Crush offer a better gaming experience as they are designed with many exciting features and upgrades. The graphics are improved and the overall level of detail is better than in the free version.

Traction Control

Further, the trucks offer a better playing experience with additional features such as adjustable air suspension, traction control, anti-lock brakes, and the new four-wheel drive. Furthermore, the Android gamers can experience the open-world version of the game as they get to choose from different cities to compete with other truck drivers.

Gameplay Experience

In addition, the new truck and its in-game features give a richer gameplay experience for the players. The player is also able to manage their trucks better and customize them according to their own desires. They are able to make use of their boosters and other options to increase the speed of their trucks as well as the fuel consumption.

The trucks offer the players an array of options for customizing them as they include color wheels, tire covers, exhausts, seats, bumpers, and much more.

Driving Experience

The truck and its in-game features have been designed in such a way that it provides mobile users with a rich driving experience. Apart from that, the free version also offers the users the same content and features but with limited functions.

However, the users who download truck driver city crush mod apk for mobiles come out with more exciting features like the ability to access different games, different types of activities, and different challenges.

Apart from that, the mobile users who buy the HTC Evo Shift S come out with the option to add a bunch of cheats to their phones which can help them gain the most out of the game.


Truck Driver City Crush is an awesome mobile game developed by Smile-cafe. The developers have managed to create addictive gameplay and a fantastic design for the HTC Evo Shift. Apart from that, the game provides a rich driving experience along with several other cool features that have been designed in a very unique manner.

It has been developed using the Android OS so that it runs flawlessly on the HTC Evo Shift. The in-game gangster action has also been augmented by the ability to connect with other players through the internet.

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