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Tropical Forest Game is easily one of the most requested simulation games which have made their way onto smartphones. The game is set in the rain forests of South America and has you camping throughout the different biomes trying to protect your little green fellows. Your task is to make sure they don’t fall into a treehouse and become stranded.

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Tropical Forest

The story behind Tropical Forest is very simple. You have a task to do as well as many levels to complete before you can unlock the ultimate relaxation vr application. There are so many features that this particular game has which has caused it to gain popularity among users. It has several settings which allow users to change some settings to suit their needs such as the type of animals that they wish to raise and the temperature and humidity level of the forest itself.

Ultimate Relaxation

Tropical Forest Ultimate Relaxation Vr Apk Modification is one of many relaxation apps which use sounds to attract the user into taking a deep breath and a big smile on their face. Sound effects include everything from the water splashing onto the rocks, to the crackle of the insects and many others. Users can choose from nature sounds to hip hop sounds. Users will also find that the jungle background has a nice arrangement of trees which makes the whole experience a lovely one.

Popular Mod

Users will also find that Tropical Forest is not just an apk but it is also a very popular mod. A lot of people like the layout of the Tropical Forest apk and want to download it for free. This mod also has several settings which allow users to change the whole game mechanics as well. If users like a challenge then they should look into modding the level editor which is provided within the apk. The level editor allows users to make their own maps for the Tropical Forest games.

Puzzle Pieces

To really get into the game, users will need to make use of some of the Sound effects, the drawers that hold all the puzzle pieces, and the cage on top of the screen. To start with, the puzzle pieces will fall onto the puzzle board which is basically an endless scrolling green plane. The cage contains a lever that when pulled will lower the drawers and reveal the puzzle pieces that are now accessible. All this can be done without having to actually use the keyboard.

Unlimited Money Mod

The Tropical Forest Unlimited Money Mod will let users earn unlimited money throughout the game. By earning money users can buy powerups that can help them in battle or complete puzzles. The money can be saved in the bank and users will find that by using the drawers in the cage, the more money can be stored. There are also several power-ups which are sold in the shop and can be bought. Once the power-ups have been bought, they will last longer.

Purchase Weapon

Users can also purchase weapons from the shop which is similar to the weapons sold in the original version. It is however advised that one buy these weapons from the original version instead of using mod tools. In fact, the mod tools are quite buggy and it is possible that the bugs could cause the game to crash or for the internet to freeze.


To conclude, Tropical Forest Unlimited Money Mod is very much like the original version. It has its own benefits and disadvantages. However, the biggest advantage of this mod is that users can play for free and spend as much as they want without having to worry about paying anything. Free games on the net are often times very boring. However, Tropical Forest has managed to change all that by giving gamers a new reason to play games. It is one of those games that will surely be back down the popularity tree again.

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