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Train Taxi is an online taxi simulation game from the makers of Train Simulator: Train Simulator on the Nintendo DS and you can download it for free from the Google Play Store. The game is quite impressive visually and has a number of customizations, which allow you to create your own driver and cab unit, and compete with other players for ranking and high scores.

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You can also hire new cabs and customize your existing fleet with upgrades for your cash and time management skills. You can also purchase new parts for your vehicles and customize them with parts that other players have as well. But in order to increase your profits and get the most out of the game, you should know how to cheat the system and get the most out of every aspect of Train Taxi.

Story Mode

There are two modes in this game that are available for you to play: Story mode which is quite similar to the interface you would find on most mobile phones, where you need to earn money by catching the passengers and delivering goods while using your vehicle. You also have another mode in Train Taxi: Android on the DS. This version is not exactly the same as the one for the DS, but it does have some similarities with it, such as the time limit and the lack of gameplay in some of the scenes.

Quite Crisp

However, one thing that makes Train Taxi: Android different is that there are no graphics. All the scenes are quite crisp, with some nice animated elements, but there is no way to tell what the cars are made out of or if the passengers are wearing their seat covers or not.

Lots of Money

The reason why they are not detailed is that this mobile game doesn’t require too much detail, in fact all you need to see are the routes and the cars. And that’s really all that the game is, a game where you use your driving skill to take the passengers from point A to point B and make lots of money!

The only thing that really keeps the game from being more than just a time waster is the actual gameplay – or rather the lack of it. There is nothing to make the player feel like they are actually driving a train, so combat is taken out and instead you use your sense of wits and reaction time to complete the routes.

Taxi Mod Apk File

However, this isn’t a huge problem as the actual gameplay in the Train Taxi mod apk file is very enjoyable, and it’s definitely better than any other similar games on the market atm. Some may say that it lacks a bit of content, but that would be a severe complain considering that most of the content is already in place and the combat is just a means to get to the endgame.

Previous Versions

Train Taxi: Android is a bit like the previous versions, offering all the modes and features that you’d expect as well as a few extra bonuses. For example, you can now get your own driver and get paid for your service. The passenger count has been increased from four to eight and each level is unlocked with an additional 20 money.

Purchase Upgrades

Plus, the ability to purchase upgrades and outfits for the drivers has been added. These additions extend the game’s replayability, giving you something to keep you busy for a long time. As for the graphics, they are pretty much the same as the others, which aren’t exactly top of the line.

Game Mod

However, this being an in-game mod, there’s no reason to expect it to be as good as its console and PC counterparts. While some people may find the visuals a bit lacking, the rest will probably find them a welcome change. The sound effects are not that great, but they don’t feel like they are intentionally low quality either.

The in-game menu can be accessed by tapping the screen and there are some minor interface elements, such as the menu button, available through small touches on the screen, but it still feels like an amateur game.

Game Version

That’s not to say that the in-game version cannot be as great as the other versions. The Train Taxi Mod is not that far away from making the Android versions a must-have. The current version allows you to choose between four different kinds of vehicles: the train, the truck, the shuttle and the commuter.

30 Routes

You also have access to over 30 routes, giving you plenty of opportunities to explore the wonders of San Francisco. It’s not perfect, by any means, but it’s a very nice look into what the future of gaming technology could offer us in terms of variety.


If you love the idea of being able to play Train Taxi for free on the Android devices, then it’s about time that you check out the mod. There’s currently no news on whether or not it will allow you to remove ads from the taxi mode, but who knows? I guess we’ll have to wait and see if the feature gets added to the final version.

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