Traffic Run Apk (MOD Features Free Shopping)

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Traffic Run is an addictive, fun, and relaxing game in which you have to complete the level within a limited time frame, with certain tricks. To win, it is vital to quickly respond accurately and quickly, to prevent getting into excessive traffic or other vehicles on the road ahead.

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Main feature

You have to master the skills of the game before you start it so that you do not reach the end without completing the mission. This game was developed by Apps Factory, an independent mobile games developer. The main feature of the game is an advanced driving physics system, with amazing tracks set in amazing cities and towns spread all over the world.

Different options

The player has the option of choosing from many different options such as changing the season, day and night of the race, the difficulty level, and of course the vehicle used for the race.

Free version

If you are interested in downloading Traffic Run, you can go to Google Play or Apple Store and look for the option of using Paid or Free version of the game. There are many versions to choose from including the iPhone version and the Android mod apk version.

Arcade mode

The free version allows you to enjoy the game for one week and learn the basics of the game while playing the challenging arcade mode. If you want to increase your speed and try out more advanced techniques, you can buy the full version.

Latest update

When downloading traffic runs, make sure that you get the latest update. Some people may experience problems while trying to update the mod or trying to install it. For those who have downloaded the version containing the update, just restart your device and follow the instructions given.

Corrupt registry

Do not forget to backup your progress every time you try something new. If you are still having problems after following all these steps, it may be due to a corrupt registry or the wrong installation of the application on your mobile phone or tablet.


It is quite common for users to get stuck with the shopping list on their devices and want to go back to the home screen instead of doing the shopping. In such cases, the users have to go through the list one by one until they find the item that they want to purchase.

However, when you download traffic run apk free, you don’t have to worry about this problem since it is part of the game. You just have to focus on buying an item, completing all the levels, and beating the time.

Right vehicle

To enjoy the mod fully, you need to have the right vehicle. You can choose between four and five vehicle types, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The Fait Coupe is the cheapest vehicle and it has the best upgrade facilities available.

Amazing graphics

The Saletta is the most popular vehicle among mobile gamers and it has many features like a high-speed mode, anti-theft, and amazing graphics. If you are playing the game with more than two players, the Ford Focus will be the best choice since it has proven to be one of the best vehicles for driving. The final vehicle to choose is the Toyota Prius which is one of the most powerful sports cars on the market today.


To enjoy the mod fully, it is recommended that you use a browser with cookies enabled. Although you can play without hitting the “back” button, this option might not be available for everyone because some mobile ISPs do not support download traffic after a certain time.

To make sure that you can continue playing without hitting the “back” button, download traffic from a website that supports cookies. Some websites allow you to access your game even when you are not connected to the Internet.

Free shopping

The traffic run mod is an excellent game for all mobile gamers, especially those who love speed and adventure. The game comes with various levels and challenges that can be customized according to the players’ abilities. It is free to download and requires no application fee. This is why many users find the mod so appealing, especially those who love free shopping games.

Hero Evolve

The developers of Traffic Run: Hero Evolve have made the game highly competitive, challenging, and fun. As you play the game, you will run through missions and earn cash, while doing so, you also collect the different vehicle parts needed for making your vehicle faster and stronger.


Once you have enough credits, you can purchase a new car, which will increase your chances of winning the challenge. This is what makes the game exciting, because not only do you get the chance to earn cash but also acquire the new car of your dreams.

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