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Toy Soldier: Bastion is a futuristic tank-defense game coming to the Android mobile platform. To play the game you must have a reliable Android Gaming device such as HTC Vive, XBox One
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July 21, 2021 (2 months ago)
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Toy Soldier: Bastion is a futuristic tank-defense game coming to the Android mobile platform. To play the game you must have a reliable Android Gaming device such as HTC Vive, XBox One, Windows Phone 7 or Mac. Download and install FTDroid on your Android and open it. Install the game through the web portal of your respective Android OS (such as Google).

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US Military

In this action-packed space adventure game, you are enlisted in the US Military and given a command to protect Earth from an impending invasion of renegade bots. Take up the task of defending Earth from a series of attack ships led by a nefarious General Obotro.

You will have shoot, combat, ground battle and even boss battles on top of everything else as you take on the enemy General Obotro in a relentless quest to destroy Earth.

Ordinary soldier

If you thought that the Bastion toy soldier was just an ordinary soldier, think again. As he heads out on a perilous mission to protect Earth from the enemy, he gets separated from his troop. He then has to survive the hostile planetoid’s defenses while encountering some unlikely allies along the way.

Bad guys

The action and adventure never ends as you go on a never-ending chase and go after the bad guys to win the war. The action, the graphics, the sounds and the emotions in this top rated Android game is truly worth the price.

One of the best features of the Toy Soldier: Bastion mod apk is the multi-player mode. This mode allows you to play along with your friends as you all get to enjoy the fun of playing as a unit.

Get stronger

You can easily divide your team into smaller groups and assign them specific tasks so that you can stay back and let your friends earn points while you do the same. As each player earns more points, their Bastion tanks get stronger and you can see your name rise in fame and be recognized by your peers as the top player on the field.

Different outfits

For all the action and drama, don’t forget that you have the choice of playing either as an airborne or land combat soldier. Each of the Toy Soldiers: Bastion apks comes with its own unique look and features.

You can play as either male or female soldiers and take on missions as you like. You can also customise your player with different outfits and weapons to ensure that you are truly the best of the best.

Different levels

There are many different levels and challenges to enjoy as you go up through the ranks. The game features both solo and player versus player combat as you try to knock your opponents out of their own castle before they wipe you out.

You can use any of your weapons to take out your enemies and win the combat, or you can try to outsmart them by making the right combination of attacks and strategy to take out your opponents quickly and easily.

Coolest features

Some of the coolest features of the Toy Soldier: Bastion game include the ability to personalize one of your Toy Soldiers, whether it is a male or female, and give them a makeover right before entering battle. This gives them a very serious look, complete with accurate paint jobs.

Customize their weapons

You can also customize their weapons in a number of different ways, including using blueprints, changing the color of the pellets, giving them a custom holster, and many other options. As you spend more time playing the games, you will unlock even more exciting uniforms and weapons that will help you achieve victory after victory.


In addition to playing the actual games, you can also build up your army of Toy Soldiers by using an in-game resource known as Manpower. The more soldiers you have on the field, the more help you will be able to get from your resource bar. As the game progresses, you will have more opportunities to earn Manpower, which can be used for a wide variety of different tasks.

One of the biggest pluses of playing this game is that it is free to download and play, so there really is no reason not to pick it up today! It really is a unique take on an old classic, and one that kids will enjoy for many years to come.

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