Toy Blast Apk (Mod Features Unlimited Coins/Lives)

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Toy Blast is an ever-lasting interactive puzzle that has won multiple awards. Its colorful visuals, wonderful sounds, and a great amount of challenge have won the hearts of its audience. It is free to play, which makes it more appealing. Supported objects and characters could not be more delightful.

The 3D animation engine ensures that you can play the game at your own pace. 5 themes are available, for example, birthday, Christmas, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and Easter.

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Toy Blast Apk

The latest addition to the toy blast family is the Toy Blast Modular. It is an all-new version of the original toy blast puzzles. Now, the game has been completely re-imagined and is available in nine different theme packs. The exciting new features of the new toy blast puzzle game include:

Ultimate Matching Puzzle Game

– Ultimate Matching Puzzle Game. Now, the game has been completely re-imagined and is available in nine different theme packs. The exciting new features of the ultimate matching puzzle game include -100 moves match-3 puzzle. You can now solve the puzzle without much problem using the handy remote control.

Android Version

– Android version. The new toy blast mod apk has been designed for smartphones only, and that’s why it runs on the smooth and powerful android operating system. This version of the original toy blast game is compatible with almost all android phones running on Jellybean or higher. Users can easily download and enjoy the ultimate fun-filled puzzle game on their phones.

Free Gifts

– Free Gifts. Apart from the exciting new features, the second version of the toy blast game offers exciting free gifts too. To make up for the fact that the first version was priced very high, the company has designed the blocks as rewards for users who buy the game. The blocks are small in size and can be collected by players who follow the challenges.

Unlimited Coins

– Unlimited Coins. Just like in real life, the user needs money to activate his machines and continue playing the game. So to prevent the player from spending money instantly, the inbuilt features of the game have a built-in money system.

The second version of the toy blast mod apk contains unlimited coins, which the player gets by winning a puzzle game. It’s really exciting as you know that the more you play, the more chances of winning loads of free coins.

Unlimited Machines

– Unlimited Machines. As in the case of the real games, winning here also requires using the machines. The second version of the toy blast apk has an enhanced match-3 games interface and machine, which not only has a multi-player mod but also allows you to change the settings for the game as well.

You can also view all the blocks on the screen and select the ones you want. If you have lost the connection, no worries, as this app is compatible with most android devices.

Amazing Features

With all these amazing features, the cute blocks toy of Toy Blast is sure to become the best-selling app. Users of both kids and adults will find it very amusing as they can enjoy their favorite activities without even getting a scratch. You can find the official Google play store where you can download the Toy Blast mod features and start enjoying your games now.


Apart from the match-3 games, the cute blocks toy of Toy Blast also includes an adorable assortment of gadgets and toys to help you enjoy the game. For example, the mini remote control helicopter helps you control the game. You can also find a wide variety of power-ups to add more flavor to the game.

Bug Detector

This includes the snow shovel, the metal detector, and the bug detector, which are available on the market in different models and colors. The mod features also include a wide array of power-ups to enhance the enjoyment of the gameplay, and some even allow you to transform your toys into different animals such as ducklings, rabbits, and frogs.

Mod Apk

To download the toy blast mod apk to your android device, just take a quick look at the Google play site. Once there, you can choose from a wide range of the most popular and newest versions of the app and install it within minutes. If you have any problems, don’t worry about anything.

They are quite customer-friendly and offer you a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with their product. This mod allows you to connect the online world with the real-life world, making it a fun experience for everyone.

Addictive Gameplay

Although the game is simple, its cute graphics and addictive gameplay keep it alive. The match-3 gameplay is great, especially the special attacks that lets you change the level of difficulty for a more challenging experience. For those who love solving puzzles, you’ll love how the cubes you are shooting at explode and collapse, adding some strategic thinking to the gameplay of the game.


The best thing is that the kids will have hours of fun playing the game because of the various stages, explosions, animals, and powers that they can transform their toys into. If you want a cool mod for your android phone, check out the Toy Blast mod and experience a whole new gaming experience.

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