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Town Blast is the newest addition to the popular free puzzle game genre. Play thrilling indoor game three levels to fully renovate and embellish local areas in the city, finding more details of your favorite mystery puzzle game. Welcome to Town Blast: Metropolis Repair.

Here you help the mayor restore the town of his childhood! Be an engineering genius of sorts to repair the damages caused by Hurricane Florence.

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Town Blast City Restoration Apk

To start the game, select the “start” button to trigger the game’s process. You will then be transferred to the main menu, from where you can start the actual game. Choose any of the four cities – New Orleans, St. Petersburg, Miami, or Biloxi to play the game. Each level has several difficulties such as harder, faster, and tougher challenges to beat. There are also bonus stages for extra experience and money.

Story Revolves

The story revolves around a boy named Billy Bower who lives a carefree life in a peaceful town. However, on the day of Halloween, a tornado struck his neighborhood, destroying most of the houses. Out of nowhere, a mysterious young girl named Amy appeared and started to live in the damaged homes.

She has a strange, angel-like ability to heal broken bones, and restore basic health and vitality. Her father, Button, is also obsessed with the idea of reviving his town, which he regards as his greatest mistake. His attempts to do so are met with failure.

Mobile Versions

Town Blast City Restoration is available for several mobile versions, including iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android devices. Although the game’s target platform is the iPhone, the same basic rules apply to all mobile versions. Each stage has different objectives for the player to complete and the stages change each time if a player goes faster or slower than the current one.

There are a few special features that are only available in some versions of the game. These include the ability to use bombs on certain grounds to make repairs and acquire power-ups that can be used for various actions in the game.

Sound Effects

The graphics and sound effects are fairly nice. Some of the stages, especially the ones with lots of trees, are very cute and there are even some music tracks that will remind you of some of your favorite childhood video games. It would have been better to have more stages, but the ones that are available are nice enough.

In addition, the game has a great action element, as players take on the role of battling against waves of zombies and enemy robots as they try to save the town.

Screen Controls

The controls in this game are simple and intuitive. The screen is divided into two sections, and the left side of the screen controls play mode while the right side acts as a menu. Selecting an item is done by clicking on it and dragging it over to where you want it to go.

There are icons for all the items that are found in the game, so you will not accidentally select an item that you already have something for. When you are done with an item, you just drop it by clicking on the little ‘x’ next to it on the screen.

The Graphics

Overall, this game is a lot of fun to play. The action is fast-paced and there is a decent amount of variety. The graphics and music are both entertaining, although I find that the music tends to get a bit repetitive at times. The one glitch in the game is that there’s really no way to tell what the screen is depicting. This can be a problem because you might get confused while trying to play a level.


Overall, I give the game a thumbs up. If you have never played this type of game, you should give it a try. It is well designed, has excellent graphics, and has a nice sense of humor. It is challenging, but not so difficult that you will end up quitting the game. Town Blast City Restoration is a game that I would recommend playing. It is very entertaining and is a perfect game to play during those long days when you do not have much time to play games.


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