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If you're in a hurry or need a fast and easy way to level your Toon Blast up quickly, this article will show you how to completely unlock the Toon Blast Master Difficulty. This unlock allows players to enjoy the full power of the game without having to know all of the controls
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October 1, 2022
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If you’re in a hurry or need a fast and easy way to level your Toon Blast up quickly, this article will show you how to completely unlock the Toon Blast Master Difficulty. This unlock allows players to enjoy the full power of the game without having to know all of the controls. It also allows you to enjoy the challenges and rewards of the Toon Blast community much more. Here’s how.

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Tip one

Tip one – play toon blast apk. The good news about this tip is that it’s pretty easy to do. All you really need to do is open your game up, go into settings, and turn everything on. Once you do that, your experience will be multiplied by several times, giving you an edge on playing toon blast games against opponents that are a bit smarter than you.

Tip two

Tip two – complete the mystery gift quests. Toon Blast uses the concept of points and leveling up. To earn more points and move up in the rankings, you need to find the hidden gift items within the game. Sometimes they are located within the various puzzle game sections, but sometimes you just need to locate them while you are progressing through the adventure.

When you finally do find a hidden gift, you need to give it to someone who is playing the game and can then turn it in to a Toon Blast mod apk.

Tip Three

Tip three – play the game again. Don’t worry, this won’t cost you any money. All you have to do is open your adventure and start it again. The Toon Blast missions that you finish will earn you credits that you can buy upgrades for your Toon Blast devices and unlock new gadgets as well.

Tip Four

Tip four – battle the bots. Toon Blast is not like other free online flash games where you are tasked only to hit the bubbles with your keyboard. You will have to use your brain and engage in battles with the bots to be able to fully collect stars and unlock even more challenges within the game.

Tip Five

Tip five – play for hours. Yes, this tip might seem a bit boring. Yet, the truth is that Toon Blast is a very entertaining game that can keep you busy for hours. When you play this flash game, you will never run out of things to do. From the colorful, cartoon-styled settings to the wildest adventure within the Toon Blast universe, there are lots of things to do and plenty of things to explore when you play Toon Blast.

Tip Six

Tip six – rated from zero to five stars. There are two categories within Toon Blast: the standard ranking and the all-time high score list. The higher your star rating, the higher the quality of your devices, which means that you get the latest, most challenging levels and enjoy the wildest adventures in the Toon Blast universe.

Tip Seven

Tip seven-play every day and unlock at least twenty challenges for your device each day. Who knows, you might just unlock the secrets to the ultimate Toon Blast challenges and take on the challenge of the century. And the best part is that you get to do it for free. That is what Toon Blast is all about: having loads of fun while enjoying the most addictive gameplay and an excellent interface that makes playing this Flash game easy, yet challenging.

Tip Eight

Tip eight – rated from one to five stars. Toon Blast is a game that has been designed so that you don’t have to waste any time learning its rules, although you certainly can if you want. It also features a powerful, new challenge system where you can see how well you have done against other players. It is exciting, challenging, and full of a sense of humor; this makes it one of the more unique games to come out on the iPad.

Tip Nine

Tip nine-play every day and unlock at least twenty achievements for your device each day. That is the whole trick behind Toon Blast’s viral marketing campaign, and it works. It is fast-paced, unique gameplay where you can’t simply click your mouse to win the game, although that is what you will be doing quite often.

Tip Ten

What really wins you battles and makes you stand out from the rest is your high score, which you can keep track of by logging into the Toon Blast website. Each day you can go back and vote on the best score to win the challenge and increase your profile’s score.


use the Facebook application to share your progress with friends. Toon Blast has a social networking component, which allows you to invite friends who have an iPad to play along with you. By sharing your gameplay you can help spread the news about Toon Blast and encourage people to vote for your game. It is a great way to earn valuable points and build your online reputation.


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