Tom Clancys ShadowBreak Mod Apk (MOD Features unlimited ammo)

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Tom Clancys ShadowBreak Mod is another free mobile game based on the popular Call of Duty franchise. In this game, players take on multiple missions from a single control panel, controlling either a small group of armed soldiers or a massive international terrorist organization using an arsenal of weapons and explosives.

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Tom Clancys

The mission depends on which player character you are playing as, where the mission is taking place, and whether or not the “enemy” has any allies or if they are on the side of the terrorists. Both single player and multi-player versions are available.

The single player version

The single player version of Tom Clancys ShadowBreak is more of a tactical and survival style game that puts players behind the scope of a powerful rifle to take out waves of enemies. The story behind the game drags you into an intricate story of war between a small country that is at odds with a larger neighbor.

Shoot and kill

You help either side in an attempt to win the war but your success depends on your ability to shoot and kill as many targets as possible while staying undetected by the enemy. Players can choose from different classes including the Support, Specialist, and Heavy Classes, each class offering special upgrades that make them more effective at fighting off enemy attacks.


The multi-player version of Tom Clancys ShadowBreak is quite different. Players can opt to play either as an authentic soldier or a sniper. Soldiers get access to a wide selection of weapons, such as the machine gun, assault rifle, pistol, and more. Players can also choose from a wide range of scenarios, including capturing a target compound, defending a base, protecting an extraction site, and more. Each scenario is designed to test your skills and any failure is your fault, so sharpen your sniper skills and try out Tom Clancys ShadowBreak today!

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