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Every person on the planet would like to connect with other people. To achieve these people are constantly looking for applications for mobile phones that provide the finest features available.

Tm WhatsApp is the modified version of the official WhatsApp and provides many tools and features that the official WhatsApp didn’t offer.

Tm Whatsapp

TmWhatsapp Apk comes with a variety of features to be prepared to. It is among the most efficient and smaller applications that can be used to send messages.

In the Official WhatsApp messenger, you’re only able to choose 30 images at a time. You can also forward messages to five contacts only. But, Tm WhatsApp has surpassed all restrictions, thereby offering the most of features available.

There are a lot of other options that are available in this Modded version that we are unable to simply summarize in the introduction section. In order to understand them, you’ll need to read the entire article before diving into the program.

Additional Information

Version v7.70
Size 40MB
Cost Free
Name of the package com. tmwhtsapp
Updated on 1 May 2022
Rating 4.7
Category Whatsapp
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This app comes with a great selection of tools and features. Certain features are borrowed from WhatsApp’s official version. WhatsApp and others are new to the app.

This program is designed to offer complete control to its users. A few of its best features are listed below.

Multiple Contacts

You can send multiple messages to a variety of contacts. This program lets you send one message as forwarding messages to more than one person without having the forward tag on in the top right corner of your message.

Customized Themes

The library of multiple themes has been added to the application. You can use any theme for background, or modify the user interface by choosing any theme.

Privacy Control

The primary concern with the app is privacy. You can share your status with specific contacts only. If you don’t wish to see any statuses of the particular user, you can disable his status, too.

Automatic Reply

It is able to instantly reply to messages automatically. It is no longer necessary to go into the chat window and respond by hand.

Hide Conversation

You can hide your conversations in the notifications area as well as the display of your app. If you do not wish to receive notifications

Send Audios

Similar to the other Modded version of WhatsApp there is a limitation on the duration of sharing audio tracks that are restricted to a couple of MBs only. However, With Tm WhatsApp, users are able to share audio files up to 100 megabytes.

Send Images

There is no need to be restricted to sharing 30 photos at one time. You can share more than 100 photos simultaneously with several contacts.

Send Documents

You can share documents with your contact friends by choosing up to 100 different documents at the time.

Long-term status

You are no longer restricted to sharing your status for 30 seconds, but you can also share the status for the length of 7 minutes.

Long Message

Since there is a limit to long text messages on official and Modded WhatsApp versions, you can’t type long messages in official and other Modded WhatsApp however, with this WhatsApp version, you’ll be able to type over 250 characters within one status or message.

Copy Status

Simply copy the text from the status of your buddies and download the video image from the status directly, without the use of an application from a third party.


This interface app is easy to use and is very similar to the one used by WhatsApp. It is very similar to the interface of WhatsApp and does not require any technical knowledge to operate it.

Requirement of Android

This application won’t be focusing on the latest mobile devices but it is compatible with all Android devices running system 4.1 or higher. Also, ensure that you allow the installation of the app by a source that is not known.


Since it is a Modded version, and not accessible on the Google Play store, this application is deemed to be infringing the law. Since this application isn’t controlled by WhatsApp, the Official WhatsApp incorporation.

Any privacy issue could be detrimental to you in the near future. However, as far as customer reviews are concerned, this app has good reviews from customers and, according to them, they did not have any privacy issues.


Q: Is it true that WhatsApp is secure? WhatsApp is safe?

Yes, but it is recommended not to make use of any Modded version as there are numerous privacy issues that are associated with messaging applications.

Q: Does Tm WhatsApp available on Google Play Store?

It’s not because it’s a Modded version. You can download it on our site by clicking on the link.

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