Tiny Squid Game 3D Apk (Mod Features Unlimited money)

The free description of Tiny Squid Game 3D APK gives a little information about it. This game has a unique technology, the so-called, 3D technology. The screen of your cell phone screen is divided into two halves. One half is flat and another is curved. In this game, you can rotate both screens using your finger or with the controller.

Tiny Squid Game 3D Apk

There are various features in this game that make it more exciting than others. The first feature is, the amazing 3D backgrounds. The second feature is, the ability to control your characters. The third one is the real-time score. The fourth feature is the various levels and the hidden objects.

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According to the creator of Tiny Squid Game 3D APK, this game is the most fascinating recreation. It is a remake of the arcade game, Bubble Strike. This game also has some remarkable features. The first feature is, the ability to control your characters.


The second feature is, the real-time score. The game has high-speed action. The next feature is the different levels. The squid uses various strategies while playing. For the last feature, the hidden items are very useful.

Tiny Squid Game 3D APK contains two versions. The first one is called the normal and the advanced version. The second one called the classic mod APK contains some additional features. These features include various levels, various enemies, squid rage, squid evolution, and also many other features. In the first version, you have to destroy the opponents.

Destroy The Opponents

If you destroy the opponents, they lose health and if you continue to damage them, their lives will slowly disappear. If you damage the squid in this way, it becomes weak. Then, you can go back to the game. In the second version, your goal is to prevent your opponent from getting healthy.

The game is controlled with a mouse. To turn the game on, just click on the Squid icon. You can view the game statistics by right-clicking the screen. In this game, your goal is to survive as long as possible. The game is played in present.

Squid Game 3D APK

Tiny Squid Game 3D APK is an exciting game. This game is the modern variation of bubble shooting. Even kids can play with this a little bit. When playing this game, you need to make some smart moves so that you can protect yourself from enemies.

The game is available for free. Tiny Squid Game 3D APK has been programmed in a very simple way. Since it is a little bit old version, this game version can only be played by people who are aware of the basics of the computer language.

Files And Manuals

However, you do not need to worry. There are many help files and manuals that are available online for this little bit of game. In fact, you will find there is no technical problem in this game. People who play with this will find that this game can be an interesting ride.

You must shoot all the enemies in the level. To make your game more exciting, you can also use the boats. You can also get special balloons which will help you to fly and shoot the enemies. Other than these, you can also use the trucks. These things will allow you to move quickly towards your goal.

A lot Of Power

In this game, you should also note that you have a lot of power-ups to help you in shooting your enemies. In fact, you can even combine these power-ups with boats or trucks in order to gain more speed and move at a faster pace.

To gain more levels in this game, you should be aware of the different power-ups available to you. As you progress through the stages in the game, you will also find various islands where you can continue playing the game.


You will find that this game version has been programmed in a simple but effective way. Even though the game is a little bit old, it is guaranteed to keep you busy for quite some time. People of all ages will enjoy playing this game. Its simplicity will attract every gamer. Those who do not have much knowledge about the computer language will have lots of fun playing this game version as well.


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