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Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery is all about fun hidden-object puzzles in beautiful 3D backgrounds. As a child in a very tiny house, you play as a child detective to uncover, explore and solve the mystery that surrounds this small town.

You discover clues, solve riddles, access locked rooms to run mini investigations, and much more. The game is an updated version of classic hidden object adventure games and an enhanced version of the popular Tiny Room Stories mod. It features all the content from the main game, but also adds a few more elements.

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Tiny Room Stories

Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery is set in an alternate version of 19th-century America. The town is populated by tiny people called Pahooks who have just discovered a body buried in the sand. One of the Pahooks’ friends, Tiny, sets out to investigate the body.

During her investigation, Tiny uncovers a grisly murder, which she solves using modern-day technology. In the end, she discovers that the crime was solved by a very devious secret government agent named Doctor Morlix.

Town Mystery

If you love playing Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery with your friends, you can actually play the mod on Google Play. The version you can play on the web is quite different from the one you can download for free from the Google Play Store.

Free Version

The free version of the game has limited graphics, and doesn’t feature many exciting game modes. If you want to play with friends and enjoy hidden object puzzles that are a bit more thrilling and challenging, you should definitely download the mod for Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery.

Town Mystery Mod Features

The Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery Mod features mod tools that you can use to make your game as realistic as possible. You can add new rooms, change the background, and choose various color schemes. There are also several other features that make the game more interesting and entertaining. These include various puzzles and hidden object scenes that can be played when you are in the present time, or when you travel back in time through memory.

Different Scenarios

Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery includes several different scenarios that let you solve the mystery, and do so in ways that are uniquely yours. Tiny’s detective, Tiny Tim, solves the cases that you come across him in. As you help Tiny solve a mystery, you’ll learn about the history of the town and the life of its people.

Help Tiny Tim

When the mystery is solved, you will be asked to help Tiny Tim go back in time to find out what happened to the rest of the team. Tiny Tim must use all of his wits to solve the mystery and rescue the team members that he accidentally threw into the past.

Playing The Game

In order to play Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery mod you must first download Tiny Room Stories: Town Mysteries, and then save and install it to your computer. From there you are free to do whatever you want with the program.

However, there are a few things you might want to be aware of before diving into the game. Tiny Tim and his team of Tiny Thieves are just a bit too adorable to handle – you should probably wait until you’ve downloaded and saved the mod after playing the game.

Customizing Tiny Tim

Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery mod features a number of options for customizing Tiny Tim and his Tiny Thieves. You can make them all wear eye patches so that they are visible at all times, and change Tiny Tim’s voice to that of Sherlock Holmes and Tiny Tim’s voices. Tiny Tim can also be made to say things like “Puzzle!” and “Come out!” when he is stuck somewhere.


Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery mod has been created by the popular game designer, Tinyula, who also created Tiny Tower Defense and Tiny Treasure Island among other well-known mobile games. Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery is an amazing application and it has great physics and 3D graphics.

The story is based on a very enjoyable mystery book, by Agatha Christie. If you have yet to play this mod you should really check it out. Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery is freely available from Cydia’s Tiny App Repository.

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