Tiny Island Survival Apk (Mod Features Unlimited Coins)

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Tiny Island Survival is a mod of the popular mobile game, Platinabs. This modifies the island, making it into a more realistic game and giving it many new features. The mod also adds a new island to it. You can easily enter this island by clicking on the main menu found at the top of the game. Once you enter the island, you’ll start receiving gifts every day.


Tiny Island Survival apk features a brand new island for you to explore. It is a place where people fight over food and maintain the balance between peaceful and violent lives. There are also zombies here who continuously try to attack your character.

Tiny Island Survival Mod Apk

If you want to stay safe and survive in this cruel world, you must collect food, place them inside chests and give them to peaceful Isle dwellers so that they will not attack you. Once you fill your chest with enough food, you gain extra lives which you use for fighting enemies.

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Ranged Weapon

Tiny Island Survival apk is very fun to play and enjoyable too. You need to collect items, place them in your chest and feed peaceful Isle dwellers so that they will not attack you. When an enemy appears, you can use your quick weapon or use your ranged weapon to kill it.

You are also provided with three lives. When you lose one of your lives, the island will be destroyed and you start again from the last saved point.


This Tiny Island Survival Mod Apk has many options as far as customization is concerned. The colors used for the different characters can be chosen from the palette. Tiny Island Survival uses an advanced graphics system that provides great details like trees with leaves, birds’ feet, plants, and many more. The environment looks as real as it would if you are really in the wilderness.

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Tiny Island Survival Mod Apk has an inventory system that lets you choose what you want to keep and where you want to place them. There is a money system based on how much you have collected and the types of food you have placed inside the chests.

You can purchase special items from the menu or by collecting extra hearts. You are also able to obtain coins that are given to you randomly when you reach a certain number of hearts or collected objects.

30 Levels

Tiny Island Survival¬† Mod Apk has 30 levels of excitement packed in a small space. The enemies don’t move, but there are sounds and sights that make it really creepy. In order to successfully complete the game, you need to avoid being attacked by enemies and defend yourself by using your weapons wisely.

You also have to collect more hearts before time runs out, as well as collect extra lives. When the enemies are defeated, they leave a faint outline behind which makes it easier for you to see where they took place.

Various Treasures Hidden

Upon finishing the game, you earn a certificate that allows you to jump to the next level. This time, the enemies move around a lot, making it more difficult to see the various treasures hidden all over the island. The second island has fewer objects to look for but still includes plenty of deadly enemies.

Tiny Island Survival Apk Download

The certificate allows you to access the third island – but it also contains more enemies and hazards. To get to the fourth island, you must defeat the boss in the same manner as you did to get through the first island. When you are done with the game, you receive a certificate that unlocks further levels.

Tiny Island Fly Guide

In addition to the heart slots and coins, Tiny Island Survival Mod Apk also provides the Tiny Island Fly Guide, which lists useful information, about the game, that will help you when playing. Tiny Island Survival was one of the first flash games to offer comprehensive guides to help players learn the basics of the game.


As it is a game where you have to kill enemies to progress to the next level, having a complete guide makes things a lot easier for players who find it difficult to acquire enough hearts or other objects to progress. Using the guide is like having an expert in your corner, taking you through every step of the game and preventing you from suffering any mistakes.

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