Tint Blocks Apk (Mod Features Premium Unlocked)

Tint Blocks has introduced a game that can change how people play their Facebook games. The simple premise behind Tint Blocks is that you can have different applications on your Facebook page that change the color of your status.

Tint Blocks works by showing a picture of what is next to you in the corner of your screen when you click on one of the squares that Tint Blocks identifies. The more squares Tint Blocks identifies for you the better your color choice for your Facebook status will be.

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Tint Blocks

There are Tint Blocks versions for every game on Facebook so there’s bound to be one that matches your specific favorite sport, hobby, or TV show. After clicking on one of the squares, the picture of whatever you’re looking at will shift to match the color you clicked on.

Tint Blocks modifies the game by allowing you to get a real-life feel while engaging in the virtual activity. Tinting isn’t only limited to Facebook, however. You can use Tint Blocks for all of your social media accounts including Google, Twitter, Yahoo, and Bing.

Get Tinted

To start, you’ll need to go to Tint Blocks, and click the “Get Tinted” button, followed by clicking ” Starts Tinting.” After you do that, you’ll see a graphic of your screen. It will look like a square with different colors. When you’re ready to start, click on one of the squares that start with “P.” After that click on the square that says “start.” When the Tint System starts up, you’ll be asked to click next to various icons that let you choose your favorite colors.

The Different Colors

The different colors include: red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, and any other color you could imagine. Pick the color you like, then click next to the image to get started. Tinting works by having the square cover your entire face, so you’ll have to be as realistic as possible when you start. If you aren’t sure what the game is like, you should watch some Tint Block videos for a good idea.

Tint Block Icon

Tint your windows to make them more colorful, and get your mouse over the Tint Block icon to turn it on. You’ll need to click next to “block” to start the game. Tint your screen by clicking the square over your image. The Tint Block image changes as you move your mouse over it. Try using the right or left mouse to flip between the different colors.

Share The Love

You’ll earn a small amount of money every time someone clicks on the Tint Block. In order to get more Tint Blocks, you’ll need to share the love! Share the Tint Block you make by posting on social media sites or emailing it to family and friends. Make a video of yourself to display your work and upload it to YouTube. The more Tint Blocks you create, the more money you can make.

More Money

If you’d like to make even more money, consider purchasing some selling Tint Blocks in the future. When Tint Blocks are purchased in large quantities they sell for a substantial price. You can also visit craft stores to find a variety of paint colors that Tint Paint will not match.


Tint Block games are a lot of fun to play. With a little imagination and creativity, you can make an endless supply of blocks to decorate your home. If you enjoy playing games online you should check out Tint Blocks. It’s a great way to spend a few hours and get some creativity in the process. Who knows – you may just start your own block-building trend.


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