The Outlived Mod Apk (MOD Features Unlimited Money)

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The Outlived has been one of the most popular mods of the time. If you don’t like shooting, don’t care much about graphics quality. Then easy games like The Outlived will probably make you more satisfied by what it adds – a story rich in humanity. The game has been created by a small independent studio in China. The Outlived mod has received more than a half million downloads so far.

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The Outlived

The Outlived is not a true zombie survival game, at least not from the point of view of the mod team who have put the game together. They have made it a ‘choose your own adventure’ type of game. The story starts out when you discover a bunch of naked zombies on a beach. The guys that found them are naked too, and so are the zombies.

The Outlived mod

The Outlived mod tells the story of two lovers, Li and Lin, who reunite after being parted for three years. As if the recent news wasn’t enough, there’s also a serial killer that has been terrorizing the city. The Outlived guys are tasked to save the city from this maniac. Along the way, the zombies they’re supposed to be protecting the city from also gets to join the group.

Zombies survival

The Outlived mod is very much like other ‘zombies survival games’, in the sense that you have to stay alive. The objective of the game is survival. You have to find items, avoid the hungry zombies, avoid traps, and generally just hang out until you have found a safe spot. The Outlived guys might want to add a little twist to the survival genre though. They’d like to make The Outlived mod a bit more realistic.

The Outlived developers

One of the first changes The Outlived developers made was to add in a few survival features. The first one is the ability to set up camps. The camps can include cots and other resources that allow you to survive without the aid of your friends. The Outlived team also added in the ability to send text messages to your friends while you’re away.

Ssend and receive messages

The ability to send and receive messages is a rather basic feature but it allows you to keep in touch even when you’re not around your PC. The Outlived survival mod also allows users to use the phone’s wi-fi capability to sign in and browse the Internet while they’re away.

The Outlived is the mod’s ability

The other major change made to The Outlived is the mod’s ability to send out text messages. The Outlived mod actually comes with its own application which allows you to do just that. The application uses Google Maps to help with precise location details.

Google Alert feature

The mod also includes a Google Alert feature that lets you know about any new posts made to blogs, Facebook posts, tweets, and more. The Outlived app helps you to manage your inventory as well and has an option to share your collected data via direct URL.

The wallpapers

The outlived mod also includes inbuilt wallpapers for the desktop and other parts of the screen. The wallpapers are somewhat random and are not directly representative of any one company or product. The wallpapers have been created to look like post-apocalyptic zombie survival games.

Feed updates

The look is a little crude but it looks pretty good overall. The app also includes a newsfeed and an integrated file manager. The news feed updates you on the latest posts made to your wall while the file manager allows you to organize your downloads.


The Outlived survival game can be played single player or cooperatively. You can either join a team to do co-op missions or you can play against the computer. The co-op missions can be played with two people or by yourself. The Outlived mod apk can be purchased through the Google Play Store for $0.99. The Outlived application can be accessed from your Android device’s settings or through a link on your Facebook page.

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