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Drop The Number Mod is one of the best iPhone & iPad apps available. This app lets you play an addictive game as well as earn money while playing it. If you are thinking about downloading Drop The Number, this review will help you immensely.
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Drop The Number Mod is one of the best iPhone & iPad apps available. This app lets you play an addictive game as well as earn money while playing it. If you are thinking about downloading Drop The Number, this review will help you immensely.

Firstly, you must know that Drop The Number is not an actual game. It’s a mod, which modifies the number that appears on the screen while the game is being played. These mod codes change the value of the player’s card every time a card is drawn and used.

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The best part is that once you have downloaded the mod code, you can play for free, without paying anything at all. In fact, you don’t even need to jailbreak your phone to enjoy this fun and addictive game. This means that you can play Drop The Number as much as you want.

Since the mod code can be changed whenever you want, you can never get bored with this drop and play the game to your heart’s content.

Different Versions

Drop The Number is available in two different versions for iPhone and for Android devices. You can choose which one you want to play by downloading each version, installing it on your phone, and then copying the downloaded files to your android device. Once you’ve done that, you’re good to go.

Unlimited Money

Drop The Number is one of my favorite apps because it has two functions. First, it allows you to earn unlimited money by playing the game. Second, the app allows you to create your own unlimited number puzzle, where you can rotate the cards so that they come in new combinations every time you play the game.

Great Features

Although Drop The Number has many great features, its best part is probably the unlimited money feature. It has a very easy interface and you won’t be stuck with just one option. This way, you will always be able to earn money while you play Drop The Number at home. This is probably the best part of the app, but it’s the only part that can be really fun and addicting.

Unlimited Number

Drop The Number’s other great feature is the free unlimited number generator. Basically, you are given two lists of numbers. One is random, and the other one will be a merge game where you have to generate new combinations from the two lists by using the x2 blocks. You might think that creating new numbers and then sorting them would be very boring, but this part of Drop The Number is very exciting.

Merge Screen

When you get to the second part of the game, you will be able to see the merge screen where you will start playing the number game online. This way, you do not have to wait for the game to load completely before trying to do something else – you can just load the app and immediately start playing. However, if you want to try something more challenging, you are free to do so as well.

Playing Cool Games

Drop The Number is a very fun and addicting game for anyone who loves playing iPhone applications. It is very simple to understand and you will never get bored. If you like playing cool games and IPod Touch stuff, you should definitely try to Drop The Number. The price is reasonably priced and it offers a lot for such a minimal cost. So what are you waiting for?


Drop The Number is a multi-player addictive puzzle game where you have to merge all the numbers of the world while keeping track of your high scores. There are a lot of great things that make this version different from the rest. First of all, it supports Google Android OS.

Multiple People

Secondly, it allows you to play with multiple people over iPod Touch. Last but not least, it has an in-built merge feature that allows you to do the merge even without a device – simply log into your account and click on the merge tab from the game’s main page.

Free Puzzle Game

Drop The Number is a multi-player IPod Touch-free puzzle game and is the second release of the highly addictive and popular title “Hexpop”. It is another version of merge number to 2048, but this time, players have the ability to choose between an endless series of numbers or a fixed list of them. In terms of game features, players have the following to choose from:


All in all, Drop The Number is very enjoyable and offers an interesting blend of entertainment, strategy, and practice. If you want to save your progress after every level and continue playing for hours, you can simply use the Drop The Number’s ‘Save’ button on the main menu.

Apart from this, the game has a simple and easy interface. If you want to dig deeper into the game and unlock the secrets behind it, you can try the ‘Tech Unlock’ option, which is available as a free download drop. This allows you to learn the secret behind the addictive game and unlock its abilities.


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