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The Moron Test is an addictive and entertaining interactive puzzle quiz game which will challenge your critical thinking, logical, etc. playfulness. Play challenging mind games, total brain challenges, and simply enjoy as your friends try to solve these seemingly easy puzzles. The Moron Test challenges you to ponder on the true meaning of life & to challenge the existing wisdom & concepts about life.

Features of The Moron

The features of The Moron Test Challenge apk are quite different from other brain games. It has a lot of positive & helpful features. The features include: * The Free Trial version is also available for free download. You can freely test the product and find out if it suits your needs. You don’t have to pay any money for the full version.

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Full Version

* The full version has more than 40 levels to challenge you. The advanced version has more than 60 levels to complete. You get all benefits of The Moron Test Challenges. * The iQ Test challenges you to answer real-time questionnaires. It features a survey wizard that guides you through answering various questions.

Free Trial Version

* The free trial version has two methods to challenge you. Firstly, you have to compete with friends & relatives who have The Moron Test Challenge for free. Secondly, you must use the advanced version to challenge yourself. The advanced features have better graphics and sound quality. The free trial has limited features.

Good Navigation System

* The game has a good navigation system that allows you to start the game with a simple game plan. The game gives you various brainteasers along with a mini brain teaser. The game is very easy to understand. The game plan provides you with two options to choose from; you can either use a paper & pencil method or a combination of both methods.

IQ Test skill

* The game is very challenging and will help to enhance your IQ Test skills and hence improve your knowledge. * The short test is suitable for those who have very less or no prior experience of IQ tests. The long test is perfect for those who are prepared and are confident of their knowledge. The short test helps you in increasing your vocabulary and also improving your writing skills. The long test helps in enhancing your reading skills and also helps in increasing your memory and logical skills.

General Intelligence

* The free version has only three sections and you have to purchase the remaining two sections from the official site. The first section covers general intelligence, the second section covers memory and the third section focuses on reasoning. The reasoning section helps in testing your critical thinking skills. The reasoning section is not that hard and even an average student can score high in this section.

Complete Package

The complete package including the flash cards, game and worksheet costs $49. The price of the entire course is well worth it and you will surely enjoy the training and the IQ test. The free version only covers some of the major topics and does not provide you with thorough knowledge about the course. The purchase of the complete course includes a study guide, worksheet exercises and an audio lesson which can be listened to multiple times. The materials are designed in a manner so that they make learning fun.

Real Life Situations

* The free version only provides practice questions and does not include any questions related to the real life situations. The practice questions do not help in improving your skills or in skills development. The purchase of the complete course includes complete homework solutions for every question. The solution sheets contain some of the best questions from the test.

Training Session

* The test is timed and you have to understand the instructions properly. * The training session includes short videos and audios which help you understand the concept better. * The test consists of both logic and reasoning section and hence it is important that you understand the logic behind the test questions. * The complete course also covers writing ability which is necessary for skills development.


The course has helped many students in enhancing their skills and they are enjoying the training sessions. The test has been designed in a way so that it tests the ability of the student not the ability of the student learning the subject. The student can easily pick up the concepts from the training session and can start using them immediately. The Moron Test Challenge is certainly worth the money paid for it.

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