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The Moron Test is an addictive and fun puzzle quiz game which will surely challenge your brain, memory, alertness, etc. Play unlimited fun challenges, complete educational challenges
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October 1, 2022
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The Moron Test is an addictive and fun puzzle quiz game that will surely challenge your brain, memory, alertness, etc. Play unlimited fun challenges, complete educational challenges, and enjoy as your whole family plays these fun brain games. Jigsaw puzzles challenge your logic, reading, memory, spelling, etc. The Moron Test Challenge apk contains all these exciting games in a single package.

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The Moron Test Challenge Apk

The interface of the Moron Test challenge your IQ test apk is simple and easy to use. The interface features the typical registration areas like questions and answers, download menu, settings, and search options.

The entire interface is very user-friendly and does not pose any problems. The user has the freedom to use all the features and has the freedom of customizing the web browser based on the required technology.

Main Features

The main features of this free internet-based IQ test are multiple-choice and essay sections. The multiple-choice section involves the traditional multiple option format where the user has to select from a series of letters, numbers, pictures, or pictures and click on the corresponding option in the short answer portion of the test.

The essay section involves a short written question and response portion where you will have to respond to the prompt by writing a 500-word response to the question. You can revise the essay after submission. The test is short and contains an easy-to-understand design.

Test Questions

The layout of the test is divided into three major sections namely test questions, multiple-choice questions, and essays. The test questions contain standard math problems and real-life problems where the user will have to choose an answer from among a set of possible answers.

The essay section contains multiple-choice topics that require you to write about a certain topic and justify your answer with reasons. The essay portion can be difficult at times and hence the need for practice or strategy to get better scores.

Selected Questions

The software allows the user to save the selected questions so that they can be revisited later. The test questions are designed so that the first ten questions are the easiest to answer. The other six questions include multiple choice where you will have to select an appropriate category from a set of possible answers.

The last five questions are the harder ones and hence require good strategy and planning on your part. The software allows you to save the completed test as a PDF file.

IQ Test Challenges

The official website of the IQ Test challenges website provides complete resources on the test including topics, tips, and strategies for scoring high. The site also contains a comprehensive list of past test results and users can check their performance history to see how they did. The official site offers practice tests on several topics that help users prepare for the real test.

The site also provides an extensive set of resources that includes various kinds of audio and video lessons on strategy and techniques to help improve your IQ test performance.

Academic Exchange

The official site of the IQ Test challenges is not only useful for students but also for professional testing organizations like The Academic Exchange and The Business Schools Admission Council. The site offers free test preparation tutorials and tips and tricks on strategy and techniques to help students maximize their chances of success.

The site also has a live chat forum section that gives you the opportunity to interact with IQ Test professionals and experts who offer tips and tutorial suggestions on the different aspects of IQ test preparation. The forum allows you to post questions and get answers from experienced testers and hence become better at answering questions.


The official site also offers free test reviews and provides a discussion forum section on topics related to the IQ tests and the strategies used for answering them. The forum also discusses different strategies for mastering the various kinds of questions.

You can also read the blog of experts on IQ tests, discussions, and other useful information. The website offers free downloadable practice tests as well as IQ test review guides and there are free practice tests available for downloading from the website.


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