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The Evolution of Trust is a game theory based android application. The basic concept behind The Evolution of Trust apk is that individuals tend to lie about their age, sex, likes, dislikes and their interests just to trick their friends and relatives into doing the same. The application uses sophisticated technology to detect and monitor your social interactions. It also uses smart phones and online logins to gather information about you and your friends.

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The Evolution of Trust Apk

The game theory underlying The Evolution of Trust is designed such that players will evolve towards a common goal if they will cooperate with each other and work together towards this goal. If the players will get themselves involved in “games” where they compete with each other, then they will develop a positive relationship.

However, if they will go into “lie-and-forget” behaviors, then they will not only lose the trust of their associates, but also will be exposed to a high risk of getting the “courier” or “spy” hacker among them. This will then lead to the evolution of mistrust.

Game System

The Evolution of Trust apk was created by a group of researchers headed by Professorivan V. Kovic, assistant professor at Stanford University. The main idea behind The Evolution of Trust is to create a game system that can adapt to changing needs and demand. The game theory of Kovic and his team is based on the “10 rounds per match” principle. This concept states that when there are ten rounds per match, then players will tend to play more aggressive.

Random Number

The Evolution of Trust is not using a random number generator to generate numbers. Rather, the developers of The Evolution of Trust are using mathematical techniques such as binomial tree and logistic regression to determine the most likely number of rounds needed for the system to adapt. They use these techniques to analyze and calculate the probabilities of different behavior.

The goal is to find out the best strategies to get ahead in the game theory simulation. The game theory simulator is used to evaluate various strategies and rates of communication and miscommunication.

Game Theory

The game theory study also found out that players tend to form coalitions and work as a team when they are under pressure. The Evolution of Trust addresses the problem of “coalitions” because when a player starts to form a coalition, his neighbors will also look into his actions.

The “conscience” of each player is the one who is willing to put aside the short term gain and the long run gain of forming a coalition. So if you try to cheat in this game, your competitors will catch on to your actions, and will start working together against you.

Types of Simulation

The Evolution of Trust uses two types of simulation, namely the economic and strategic simulation. The economic simulation deals with the economic factors that lead to mistrust. This includes the information asymmetry between the groups, which is an essential part of trust.

Group Members

The information asymmetry refers to the disparity in the knowledge of the group members, which is a key factor in the evolution of mistrust. The presence of extraneous information may cause players to be hesitant to cooperate. The uncertainty of the payoff rates also causes players to be wary about sharing information and payoffs.

Strategic Simulation

Strategic simulation lets players act in a climate with social learning and imitation in place. Players are placed in situations where they have to choose to cooperate or not to cooperate based on how other individuals might perceive their behavior. If a player stays in the group, but acts selfishly and ignores the needs of the group, he/she will be disliked and will not receive adequate support from other members if they decide to cooperate.


The Evolution of Trust will let you experience the game theory and use the features of the game to your advantage. The game play itself is very easy. It does not require a lot of thought and thinking. The real challenge comes in when you want to get the highest score possible. This game has a steep learning curve but once you master the fundamentals of The Evolution of Trust, you will find yourself having fun and enjoying this highly addictive game.

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