Tekken Mod Apk (MOD Features onehit/godmode)

Tekken is a Japanese animation series focused on a series of popular arcade and fighting video games developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment and released by Bandai Namco Games. The franchise has included various film and television adaptations.

In Japan, Tekken is the most popular of all martial arts video games with millions of copies sold. It has also generated significant sales in foreign markets. In the United States, Tekken has been turned into a pop culture phenomenon with the help of movies, commercials, and stage shows.


Tekken is based on the ancient fighting technique known as Kenpo. It has a number of unique features that set it apart from other games in its genre. One such feature is the circular motion of the attacks. Each punch, kick, and move in the game is circular in nature. This has the effect of increasing the fluidity of movement between the player and the opponent.

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Fighter blocks

Tekken has an interesting system of blocking. When a fighter blocks an attack he must then leave the block button down. Doing so will keep the opponent from being able to move after the block is made. Blocking can be done with either the left or right foot. Both foots have the same effect.

Challenging game

Tekken is a very challenging game. It is quite easy for a novice gamer to lose control of the game as soon as they start. There are a variety of moves and weapons in the game that all players should learn and master.

Once these moves are mastered, a player can then take on a more difficult level of play where they can be assisted by special Tekken Force points that boost a player’s strength and speed. These moves are initiated by pressing the taunt button on the controller. These moves are powerful enough to knock down an opponent.

Tekken series

The Tekken series has a wide following of dedicated fans. The games themselves are very intense. Players have to use every bit of skill and strategy they have learned in order to emerge victorious. Many online Tekken websites offer Tekken instructional and practice games. These allow players to hone their fighting skills and strategies before going into the real thing.

Tekken features

Tekken features a number of Tekken characters including, but not limited to, the above mentioned boss, every Tekken character who has ever been introduced, as well as the boss from the other games in the series, Mardge. There are a wide variety of Tekken fighting techniques and weapon types. Some of the more popular ones include the spinning axe, the spinning mace, the heavy saber, the gun, the throwing stars, and the cross sword.

Arcade-style battle mode

Tekken features an arcade-style battle mode. Players get into the ring and fight with the other fighters inside. The objective is to eliminate all the opponents and win the match before the timer runs out. This mode has received popularity among Tekken players over time.

Dark world of Tekken

Tekken has an interesting story line that ties in with the storyline of the game itself. The game takes place entirely within the dark world of Tekken. The player takes on the role of the young Korean fighting master, Jeet Kune Do, who is dispatched by the South Korean government to perform in the Tekken World. He then enters the arena to compete against other master warriors and faces off against his toughest competitor, the formidable and skilled martial artist, Ken Masters, who is also from the Tekken family.

Blocking and juggling

Tekken is one of the more challenging games in the Tekken series. It involves quite a bit of blocking and juggling back and forth. It also involves intense physical combat that can last for quite some time. One of the cool features of the game is the training mode. In this mode, the player is taught the basics of fighting including proper striking techniques and how to avoid being taken down.

Excellent cast of characters

Tekken features an excellent cast of characters, which makes the game more fun to play. The game provides an opportunity for the player to take on a difficult opponent. The game features a wide array of music, giving the fighter a reason to enjoy himself as he fights in the ring. The game has a reputation for its excellent fighting scenes and the Tekken fighting moves are quite brutal.


Tekken has been one of the most famous video games worldwide. It is continuously voted as one of the greatest fighting games ever produced. If you have never heard of the Tekken game, it is time you try it. You won’t be disappointed.


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