Tap Titans 2 APK [September-2022] (Mod Features Unlimited Coins)

Tap Titans 2 APK lOGO

Download the most current version of the tap titans 2 mod and tap to play the most downloaded and inactive RPG game, with over 10 million players. It’s the most popular Mobile Game of 2016 dependent on the Best Mobile App Awards.

Grab your sword, join the legends of the world, and take on Sword Master on an epic adventure to defeat the formidable Titan Lords in more than 70000 levels. What is the time to wait? Download the most recent version Tap Titans 2 and enjoy unlimited resources.

Tap to kill a variety of Titans by using your sword while you journey across the globe in this RPG clicker experience. Design your cutting-edge for new things, gather pets, and participate in multiplayer fights with players all over the world to end your legacy in the role of your own Ultimate Sword Master.

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With a strong knife, Sword Master rose from his sleep and discovered massive Titans inflicting destruction across the realm. After he shattered the chains that held him down to the Dark Lord, he pledged to join forces with Sword Master Dark Lord and chase any Titan that remained in his path. With ninja-like reflexes and numerous saints to his side, Sword Master is on another adventure of constant tapping.

As you race through the landscape playing this non-active game makes a team of legendary characters with fascinating abilities such as Lance who is the knight from Cobalt Steel, battle with the Sword Master as he faces any monster in the battle.

14 Hand-Drawn

Make sure to keep your saints in close proximity as you purposefully accelerate to move across 14 hand-drawn realms. Update or create custom items and discover amazing legend capabilities in this RPG that is constantly active.

Switch your sharp edge to deadly weapons, and cause the most severe damage on Titan Lords in assaults or in contests. Tap and win while you take part in a variety of takeovers and amazing prizes for open players. On the way to joining or forming your own tribe together with Sword Masters worldwide in this clicker game that is free to play.

Develop your saints as well as your Sword Master’s abilities to take on amazing Titans and fight ruthless creatures in this quest to restore harmony to the world.


  • Enjoy the complete game inactive RPG experience in the midst of.
  • TAP will crush 150 brand-new Titans in 14 flawless, hand-drawn domains
  • Legends of RECRUIT and loyal pets to help you in fighting the constant Titan attack
  • UNLOCK special abilities that allow you to set your opponent. You can use them to fight
  • Prescription and cash to your progress for incredible antiques, and you will become more secure
  • Use the tools you have collected to modify the sharp edge of your legend and the protective layer to match your style of play
  • Join factions or create your own to defeat the powerful Titan Lords in multiplayer mode.
  • ADVENTURE through grand avenues during rare occasions to win prizes and select items
  • Compete against other participants from around the globe in international competitions to show your team spirit and win amazing prizes


  • RAIDS offers a unique way to connect playing battle multiplayer with your loved ones, highlighting new titan supervisors who have unique capabilities, amazing prizes, as well as a new battle structure.
  • Hero SCROLLS which are the result of finishing strikes allow you to modify your Sword Master further than you thought.
  • Titan Lords have come into the strike field with a brand new strategy to fight! Separated defensive layer fragments to expose the less durable bones beneath these giant beasts.
  • Card Collecting is the newest method of expanding your Swordmaster’s strength, giving an incredible amount of latent and active power to take out Titan enemies in this passive clicker game.
  • DUST is your latest collection of money that can be used for overhauling and making unique cards to fight.
  • CLAN UPGRADES including faction XP as well as Raid Tickets provide you with more reasons to interact and play with other Sword Masters and battle on the internet.

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