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Tap Defense is a very fun and addictive game for those of you who love arcade-type games. It’s an upgrade to Tap Tail which was one of the first games in this genre. Tap Dash is a side-scrolling defense game. The player has two types of weapons, snails, and bullets.

The player must guide his/her ship through the various stages while dealing with waves of enemy robots who try to crash it into the finish line.

a lot of Skill

This fun game involves a lot of skill and timing. You can also play with other players online to take on each other in friendly competitions.

Tap Tap Dash Apk

Tap Dash comes with a lot of features including various game modes such as Easy, Normal, and Multiplayer, the ability to save your game, various levels for different players, and many more. Tap Dash includes many different characters such as the following:

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The main character of Tap Dash is the snail, which always seems to be moving at the same speed. It is always jumping from one platform to another. The main challenge of this character is to hit the opponents without taking any damage. In order to do this, the player needs to learn the following tips:

Snail Button

The snail button is located on the bottom right corner of the screen, next to the bumper. If you would like to jump, simply press the snail button while selecting the jump mode. Tap the two snails and then press jump. If you would like to slow down the snail motion, hold the bumper and tap the right keys simultaneously.

If you would like to speed up the snail motion, tap the bumper and then tap the left keys. Keep doing this until the creature touches the green circle. The speed of the creature will increase as it gets closer to the green circle.

When the creature touches the circle, it will stop moving and stick into the middle. Tap the left keys again and the creature will stop moving. To increase the speed of the creature, hold the bumper and then tap the left keys simultaneously.

Speed of The Snail

The other way of increasing the speed of the snail movement is to keep the left bumper pressed. Once the snails pass through the hole created by the first one of the snails, they will be coming straight at you. Tap the bumper to increase the speed of the coming snails. Tap the two snails again to stop them from passing through the hole.

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To make the game more interesting, the player should try to increase the speed of the creatures even when traveling slower than 250 levels. The following tip is used to get the creature moving faster on the ramp. Start on the ramp with three snails. These three should be pushed slowly and carefully to ensure that they are not being nudged around too much.

The last two snails should be launched at the same time. As long as there are three of these moving at the same time, the game will become easier. When the first two land on the green circle, the right ones should be pushed while the left ones need to be shot. After that, the remaining snails can be shot to increase the number of hits in this game.

Stop Moving

The only way to get these creatures to stop moving on the ramp automatically is to allow one of them to hit the ramp. The player should tap the bumper repeatedly while doing this. This will cause the snail to stop automatically. This is one of the hardest stages of the game which explains the reason why lots of people find it difficult to complete it.

When the game gets to the third part, the game will get easier. The fourth part includes a boss fight against a Gorgon. The player should have all the weapons available to fight this enemy.

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When you are preparing for this fight, remember that the player needs to have the bow ready and should have at least five lives left. The best time to kill this enemy is when it is close to half of its health bar. The other option is to attack it from a safe distance using the bow.


The ending of this game is not that bad either. The last stage features a boss battle against a Gore mimic. Again, it is advisable to equip the bow so as to have more arrows for this battle. The game can be quite challenging at times. One needs to be patient while playing in order to get the most out of this game.

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