Tank Stars Apk (MOD Features Money/Premium)

Tank Stars is one of the most famous multiplayer online shooting games available on the smartphone platform. The game is basically a tank-shooter. Tank Stars is essentially a multiplayer air-combat game, but with tanks. If you’ve always played the classic air-combat game on your personal computer, which ignited the online world for quite some time, then certainly this game will be quite no stranger to you.

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Tank Stars

You can choose between different game modes in Tank Stars. The game modes include Team Deathmatch and the standard Elimination mode. In a team deathmatch, there are two teams that battle head to head. The objective of this mode is to eliminate the other team’s tanks before the time runs out. The score for each team is the sum of the total lives of the opposing sides.

Tank Stars Mod

The Tank Stars mod enables you to engage in close-quarter combat with the opposition using tanks. There are several interesting aspects of this feature. First, it makes the game more engaging because you’re really fighting it out with another player. Second, it forces you to really think about your tactics and strategies, so that you can capitalize on your opponents’ mistakes and make it harder for them to win the game.

Tank Stars Features

Tank Stars features a classic arcade feel with its Tank Stars mod. It’s classic enough to provide a decent challenge, but it’s not just a case of beating the computer. You can also randomly select which type of enemies you’ll fight, making Tank Stars a very interesting game.

The game has several different types of enemies and you can pick your favorites. For example, there’s the regular tank, there’s the laser tank, there’s a flying enemy tank that’s quite terrifying!

The Minimap

Some of the exciting features available in the Tank Stars mod include the ability to view the minimap and the game stats at any time, including screenshots of the players and their statistics. This mod also features the ability to increase the game’s resistance system. You can choose between low, medium, and high resistance levels, which determine the difficulty of battles.

There are even special multiplayer battles, where you’ll face off against some of the biggest and best tanks around! As you play through these battles, you’ll get the chance to earn even more credits and level up your characters as well.

Multiplayer Modes

There are two multiplayer modes in Tank Stars mod: the Story Mode, which is basically just like the arcade version of the game; and the vs mode, which pits you against the computer. If you’re looking for a more competitive game, the multiplayer game is definitely for you. However, if you just want to have fun with the funny animations and the cool tanks, the Story mode is for you. If you’re into multiplayer games with lots of action, the Vs mode is what you should download.

Primary Weapons

The two primary weapons in Tank Stars are the Tractor beam and the Stomp & Pound, which are used by the tanks. In addition to these, there are other, less common weapons available to the players.

Some of these additional weapons include the Mine Layer, which can be used to block a path and protect a specific area; and the magnetic mines, which will detect the presence of magnetic mines and destroy them.


There are also several power-ups available to help you in battle. These include the Magnetic Shield, which is useful in creating a barrier to prevent damage; and the Anti-Gravity Battery, which is helpful when you’re surrounded by a large number of smaller vehicles and need to get away from them. Some of these power-ups will rotate, and recharge themselves automatically, while others will remain on the ground and only recharge while the player is near them.


When it comes to Android tanks versus real tanks, the battle is won by sheer luck. Although the game has a high-tech battlefield, it does not make much sense to use real tanks because it would take too long to reload them. That’s why most people opt for these cool tanks when playing Tank Stars.

The cool thing is that these tanks are not only great-looking, but they’re also fun to play with. With all the unique features provided by the gamer, Tank Stars really stand out and make another great addition to the growing list of download apps for the new and savvy Android users.


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