Tales of the Mirror Apk (Mod Features Unlimited Money)

Tales of the Mirror is an innovative word game developed by Lilith Game Co Ltd and also released for iOS (iPhone/iPad) in August 2021. The story of this text-based iPhone game is set in Victorian England.

As you wander around the small town of Mirror, you’ll have to make many choices regarding your next action or reaction. The player’s actions affect the storyline and determine whether you’ll get to complete the game or not. For information on the game, check out the Secrets of the Mirror app reviews.

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Tales of the Mirror

To start with, let us take a look at some of the major features of Tales of the Mirror. First of all, this is a text-based game. So, you’re going to need a good typing speed. If you have a slow typing speed, you’ll be forced to read text much slower than you’d prefer. And if you have a fast typing speed, you’ll enjoy the fast pace of Tales of the Mirror. You will not be able to obtain all the secrets in very little time.

Major Character

Speaking of which, you will also be able to play the major character in the visual novel. In this respect, the story is set in China, in the year AD 1640. The story is told through Chinese art and involves you as the young daughter of a powerful family.

You’ll soon discover that your father has been murdered and you’ll find yourself on this dark adventure. The Tale of the Mirror is therefore set in a very vivid and realistic setting.

Traditional Chinese Art

The second aspect of the Tales of the Mirror is that it is a traditional Chinese art-fiction kind of murder mystery visual novel. That means that you will spend hours trying to figure out who killed your father. All the scenes in the game are set in traditional Chinese art and you’ll need a high-quality graphics tablet to play the game well.

Murder Mystery

The third aspect of Tales of the Mirror is that it’s a murder mystery visual novel. If you like this type of narrative, then you will really like this tale. You must unravel the mystery by looking for clues and solving mini-games. Unlike many other games in this genre, the mirrors are very beautifully illustrated.

Beautiful Chinese Art

The fourth aspect of the game is that it includes beautiful Chinese art. A lot of time and effort has gone into producing this game and as such, you will see that the illustrations are quite lovely. The art is of high quality and it really enhances the whole visual novel theme. The backgrounds are clear and the shadows are soft, creating an excellent atmosphere for all the scenes.

Ancient China

The fifth aspect is that it’s based on tales from ancient China. Of course, there isn’t too much Chinese in the game, but the story is based on the lives of ordinary people from the small village of Yu village. Your task is to solve the mystery by looking for clues and solving mini-games, among other things.

There are also some cultural elements as well: you’ll learn that mirrors are used in the ceremony of acupuncture and that the yin-yang symbol is used to represent yang and yin, the two opposing forces in nature.


The final aspect is that it combines various forms of gaming into one. For example, you can get to choose from a couple of different difficulty levels, and this will affect how much time you’ll take to complete the game. The controls are simple but are very responsive, allowing you to easily manipulate objects.

Although the overall story is very simple, Tales of the Mirror makes sure to put a great deal of fun into the minigame as well as into the actual storyline, creating a very engrossing experience.


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